Plugrush Review – Is It Any Good?


Thousands upon thousands of marketers and website owners use ad networks to make money.

On the one hand, you have publishers who are those people who have digital space to put ads on and the other side of this market are the advertisers who want their ads displayed on various websites.

The thing is, there are so many ad networks out there.

Do a quick Google search and it will come back with pages and pages of ad networks. Some will only work in certain countries and others will only work with certain offers and markets. The bottom line is that there are a countless number so how do you know what one to choose?

We can’t review every single ad network because that would take more time than anyone has. What we can do though is look at some of the more popular ad networks and this is why we are going to go over Plugrush.

what is Plugrush

What is Plugrush?

Plugrush is an ad network that has been going since 2007. In fact, it has changed quite a bit since then but it remains one of the primary sources of high-quality traffic on the net today.

It works with both mobile and desktop traffic, CPC and CPV offers and it allows for a large number of ad types to be used such as banners, native banners, mobile redirects, pop-unders and many other formats.

3 Benefits of using Plugrush

There are quite a few benefits when it comes to using this ad network and we have compiled together that top 3.

#1 Get Adult Traffic

Many ad networks don’t support adult traffic and won’t direct anyone to adult offers.

IN this day and age, it is a bit rarer to see this however many of the bigger ad networks still want to have a kind of family-friendly appearance. Plugrush is different in that it is one of the top providers of quality adult traffic in the world.

So, if you have dating offers, adult games or adult pin submits for example, then these guys are a great choice. They also have many of the top geos for adult traffic too such as the UK, UK, France, Germany, Canada and Australia.

#2 Easy To Use System

Another major bonus of using Plugrush is that the system is very easy to use.

Many ad networks have complicated interfaces and for new people to the game this can put them off. It wasn’t always like this. Five years ago, the GUI was hard to manage and finding things took a long time even for those people who have used the system.

Then Plugrush revamped their appearance and now it is one of the easiest ad networks to use.

This is a big bonus not just for those who are experienced with ad networks but for anyone who is taking their first steps into the market.

#3 Quick Approval

Finally, the approval process for Plugrush is quick.

If you have every tried to sign up to an ad network then you will know that many of them take a long time to approve your account. Some are faster than others but certain ad networks can take days or even weeks in some cases.

These guys approve your website and your campaign in less than 24 hours and this applies for all 7 days of the week. It means you can get up and running with your ad campaign in no time at all and you won’t be say twiddling your thumbs waiting for that approval email to hit your inbox.

Disadvantages of Plugrush

You now know all the good things about Plugrush – is there anything bad about it?

Some people have commented that their payment options can be limited and they don’t allowed payments via WebMoney. That being said, compared to some other networks out there they have a low minimum pay out of $25 if you request it (some can be well into the hundreds of dollars).

They also cater exclusively to adult traffic so if you aren’t in this market then it is better to look elsewhere.

Plugrush Review – Final Thoughts

Plugrush is one of the more well-known ad networks that are active right now.

They have built up a stellar reputation as a provider of high-quality traffic. By using Plugrush you get:

• A system that supports adult traffic from top geos
• Easy to use system even for newbies
• Very quick approval process in 24 hours

If you are looking for an ad network to push your adult offers with or want to host adult ads on your digital space then you can do far worse than use Plugrush. They offer a lot of features for experienced users and new users alike and with this ad network you can get your offers out to a large number of people in some of the top geos around the world.

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