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Popcash: We Review the Network, How to Setup Campaigns etc


When it comes to making money online, there are many avenues that can be taken. Some may already have an online business and want to ensure that there is a healthy amount of traffic, while others who may want to use their existing traffic to generate some additional income.

Due to the many service providers available, understanding what suits your needs best can be a little overwhelming.

Fortunately, this Popcash review will look at what the platform can offer both advertisers and publishers, as well as the features it can offer both parties.

The way in which popcash.net is used can depend on what you’re looking to achieve and what suits your requirements the best.

Understanding what Popcash can offer users a whole ensures that the platform is relevant for both advertisers and publishers.

popcash advertising network review

What is Popcash.net?

On the surface, it can be assumed that popcash.net is no different to the other platforms that are available for advertisers looking to grow their traffic, but the ads from Popcash aren’t as intrusive as pop-up ads.

Pop-under adverts are placed at the rear of the website content, meaning that website visitors aren’t having their online experience hindered by ads that pop up in front of the content they are reading.

Not only can these types of ads be intrusive, but used too much, they could dissuade potential visitors from ever clicking the ad.

The foundations of popcash.net were built in 2012 and initially only focused on desktop traffic.

However, the boom of mobile traffic meant that additional features were included from 2013 onwards to allow for more precise targeting.

The Popcash team has been developing their dashboard to ensure a friendlier user-experience is in place.

More evidence of how successful Popcash is was shown in 2015 when Popcash hit the 500 million mark in relation to visitors and entered the Alexa Top 500 Sites.

What Popcash Offers Advertisers

To truly embrace the benefits Popcash can offer, those who use it need to know what options are available. Those looking to grow their traffic to an existing website will be using Popcash as an advertiser.

Although the platform is easy to use, there is still a learning curve especially if you’re new to building PPC campaigns.

Depending on what you’re looking to promote, there are several categories available. Users can select all of these if needed, but in most instances, you will need to tailor your selections to ensure your traffic will convert.

The categories available are varied and include some of the following.

• Classifieds
• Diet
• Fitness
• Gambling
• Adult
• Downloads

There is merely an overview of the categories, but it does show how diverse the platform is. As well as being able to choose from a series of categories, those setting up campaigns can also tailor their placement to countries and operating systems.

This ensures that even the most niche of websites can purchase traffic that still has relevancy.

One of the most alluring aspects of Popcash is its low limit of $5.00 when building a campaign. Funds can be added via PayPal or Paxum and users will be redirected to their chosen platform when depositing funds.

As well as allowing you to build your campaigns easily, Popcash also offers users a series of options when it comes to analytics. Those advertising can view the breakdowns of their campaign’s process by day, country and website.

This allows users to obtain information that can help craft future campaigns. For example, if traffic didn’t have much traction in some areas, then this may need to be reviewed moving

What Popcash Offers Publishers

Like advertisers, website owners will need to ensure that they’re niche is in line with what the Popcash network offers, otherwise ads could go ignored.

Fortunately, the many categories available ensures that there should be very few instances why publishers can’t take advantage of the Popcash network.

Publishers that own one of several niche sites will be able to ensure that each website is optimised in the right way to ensure that publishers are gaining traction in relation to referrals.

There is also a referral program in place where users receive 10% from the referred party’s activities. There are plenty of opportunities to allow for some real profit to be made, but it’s important that websites are optimised in the right way.

Signing up to Popcash is easy, and websites are generally reviewed within the hour, although it can take as long as 12 hours over the weekend.

A low minimum withdrawal of $10.00 partnered with daily payments always ensures that those using Popcash have easy access to their money.

There are several payment processors that publishers can choose from when receiving their payments, and there are as follows.

• Paypal
• Paxum
• Skrill

Users can also request a wire transfer if this is more convenient.

Can Popcash Make Me Money?

In short, Popcash can make you money, but it’s not a system you can set and forget. Regardless of whether you’re looking to purchase traffic or make the most of referrals, research will need to be carried out in both instances.

The user interface of Popcash allows users to create campaigns easily, but not understanding your audience could mean that some ads fail to gain any traction. As such, research is vital.

Those using Popcash to place ads on their site will also have a part to play when it comes to success. Placing the ads on the site is only one aspect of the task. Publishers also need to ensure that promotions are being carried out, and website optimisation is up to date.

Those who run into any issues when using Popcash can take advantage of the support on offer, which can be accessed via Skype or email.

Not used in the right way, Popcash is going to achieve little. However, those who have a robust marketing plan in place and have a rich understanding of their visitors will find that Popcash has a slew of benefits.

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