The Best Affiliate Marketing Forums and Blogs to Check Out


The best affiliate marketing forums and blogs to join or read

Joining affiliate marketing forums and reading affiliate blogs is a great way to keep up to date with the latest industry news and views, pick up hot new trends, and get advice from people who know the affiliate business inside out.

The road to affiliate success can be quite a lonely one, and many new affiliates wish there was somewhere they could turn for help, advice, and insights from others within the industry.

All good affiliate networks provide support and guidance for their partners, but if you want to give your business an edge and get some impartial views and tips, you might want to join an affiliate marketing forum.

Affiliate forums provide an online lounge for affiliates and would-be affiliates to congregate, socialise, and talk about their trade, and even successful online marketers can learn something new from forum interactions.

However, time is money and finding a good forum and discounting those that don’t really provide value can be quite time intensive; so to make things easier, we’ve compiled a good affiliate marketing forums list to get you started, as well as some advice on how to find the best affiliate advice blogs.

Affiliate marketing blogs and forums

Why join an affiliate marketing forum?

Even if you’re at the top of the affiliate game, there’s always something new to learn – and after all, it is affiliates who are already successful that are most at risk of losing some of their market share to an up-and-coming newbie.

Affiliate forums can help you to keep up to date with what’s going on in the industry and how it may impact upon your business model, letting you stay ahead of the curve and keep yourself in profit.

For beginners, affiliate marketing forums can provide a huge range of valuable insights and advice on how to get started, grow your business, and avoid the pitfalls. Getting advice from others can help you to choose the right affiliate scheme, identify new marketing channels, and find the right approach for your target audience, as well as providing feedback and guidance if things don’t go to plan.

Other affiliates are in the same position as you, and they can provide a little extra oomph on the motivation side if you’re starting to get bogged down or feel overwhelmed.

Networking and peer support have value for every niche and industry – and this value will pay dividends for the long term.

How affiliate marketing forums work

When you join an affiliate forum, you will be asked to create a login name and read and agree to the site’s terms and conditions. You should read these carefully, as they will provide guidance on the rules and expected behaviors on the forum, and how to interact with others.

Affiliate forums are divided up into individual forum sections or boards, some of which may have several sub-sections too such as for different specific types of affiliate niches.

When you make a post on an affiliate marketing forum, choose the right area of the right board – and check that your post won’t violate any rules. If you’re asking a question it is a good idea to use the forum’s search tool first to ensure it hasn’t already been answered. Few things are more frustrating to long-term affiliate forum members than a continual string of newbies joining up and asking the same question that has already been answered a hundred times, and if you do this you may alienate your peers and be less likely to get a response.

The best affiliate marketing forums are overseen by a team of admins and moderators who keep the board running smoothly and supervise posts and interactions – and if you have any problems or need advice on the forum itself, these are the people you should contact.

An affiliate marketing forums list

Here are some of the best affiliate marketing forums for different applications. Many of these also incorporate dedicated mobile affiliate forums and sub-forums too, so if you’re trying to up your mobile game, check them out.

Affiliate marketing forums for beginners

AffiliateFix is one of the busiest and most active affiliate marketing forums, and one that is also widely used by newbies – so don’t be afraid to jump right in. It’s also really friendly and welcoming, and experienced affiliates are happy to share their advice with newcomers.

Black Hat World is the place to go if you want to do things a little differently and are looking to make serious money! Also, if you’re involved in the dating niche this should be your go-to forum, although this affiliate forum isn’t exclusive to dating content affiliates. It is one of the few places to go for easy-to-find black hat marketing advice, and can also help you to get your SEO on point too.

High-level affiliate marketing forums

StackThatMoney costs $99 a month for membership, and this is the best-known and most popular affiliate community for those who are looking to make serious bank. This is the go-to resource for super affiliates, and as well as the forum itself your membership gives you access to a range of training programs and affiliate conferences worldwide too.

WickedFire is a free affiliate forum that provides a home for newbies, experienced affiliates, and other online marketers too. While it’s not the busiest forum around, there is a wealth of information to be found within its pages, making it worth a look for anyone involved in affiliate marketing.

Warrior Forum is also free, and this forum combines elements of affiliate marketing, digital marketing in general, and online business strategy. It’s a good place to get quick answers and has a large US-based membership which makes it particularly handy if you’re targeting American markets.

Affiliate marketing blogs

Reading an affiliate marketing blog is a great way to develop a big picture view of the affiliate industry as a whole, and to get a more in-depth look at specific topics and problems. There is also a wide range of affiliate blogs specific to different niches, which can help you to develop insights and fine-tune your approach to identify and appeal to your target demographics.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive authority affiliate marketing blog, TopOffers should be at the top of your bookmarks list, offering regularly updated content to keep you up to date with industry news as well as tips and tricks.

A quick Google for blogs specific to your affiliate model or niche will provide plenty of other suggestions – and there are likely to be a lot of options. Look for a blog that is updated regularly and that stays abreast of current events, in order to avoid inadvertently reading years-old content that might be out of date or no longer relevant.

Many affiliate blogs invite questions and comments from their readers too, so this can be a good way to get a direct response from an affiliate expert.

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