The Best Affiliate Plugins for WordPress


WordPress is one of the most well known Content Management Systems (CMS) out there.

Over 70m websites use WordPress across the globe and it has remained one of the top CMS on the market.

The good thing for affiliate marketers is that WordPress is very customizable. There are a ton of different ways you can make your WordPress site your own from different themes to plugins. It is the plugin functionality that we are going to have a look at today.

affiliate plugins for wordpress

How can WordPress plugins help affiliates?

WordPress plugins are essentially ‘addons’ to your site that extend its functionality and make things work better.

For example, you can find plugins for things such as Google Analytics, contact forms, SEO, cutting down on spam and pretty much everything and anything.

For affiliates, certain WordPress plugins can make your life a lot easier. This means it is more straightforward to manage your affiliate efforts, track your progress, grow your audience and make your business function a lot simpler.

8 affiliate plugins for WordPress

With this in mind, we are going to show you the top 8 WordPress affiliate plugins that you can get right now.

#1 Affiliate WP

If you want to manage your affiliate marketing efforts then Affiliate WP allows you to do just that.

It offers a range of reporting options including real-time reporting and it integrates with many eCommerce programs and solutions like WooCommerce. You can add affiliates and track their efforts while it offers functionality for setting cookie duration and commission percentages.

Affiliate WP starts from $99 per year and has wide-ranging functionality for managing your affiliate business.

#2 Ultimate Affiliate Pro

This is another all-in-one platform that you can use to manage your affiliates. It allows you to recruit new affiliates, promote your products and services and also see all your analytics to manage your performance.

You can rank your affiliates while also using features such as tiered commissions, signup referrals, multiple integrations, shortcodes, social sharing, custom form fields, running reports, adding coupons, landing page commissions and creating friendly WordPress affiliate links.

Ultimate Affiliate Pro is available from a one-off fee of $59.

#3 Affiliate Manager

If you want a free affiliate management option for your WordPress site then Affiliate Manager is a great choice.

It doesn’t skimp on functionality either as it comes loaded with everything you need to register affiliates, manage them and track all your clicks and payments. It integrates with WooCommerce, JigoShop and iThemes Exchange in addition to many others while you can do things such as create banner ads, send customised messages and it is also Mailchimp compatible too.

#4 YITH WooCommerce Affiliates

You have probably heard of WooCommerce before. It is an open-source plug designed for WordPress that helps you to build an eCommerce platform on your website.

YITH WooCommerce Affiliates is a Woocommerce affiliate plugin that is very simple but powerful at the same time. It allows you to set affiliate profiles and also set up commissions for your affiliates.

This is a free plugin which makes it even better and the functionality of the plugin means that you can also access a dashboard where you track affiliate progress and see how your WooCommerce store is performing. It is a straightforward plugin that does exactly what it says.

#5 Affiliate Royale

Our last complete all-in-one affiliate management plugin for WordPress is Affiliate Royale.

You can use this to launch and fully manage your affiliate program and it offers reporting functionality too. With the dashboard you can access everything this plugin does while it links in with many well-known services such as WooCommerce, PayPal, Shopp and memberPress.

Their Merchant Edition costs $85 while the Developer Edition which is more suited to advanced eCommerce sites is available for $165.

#6 Pretty Links

Moving on to other affiliate marketing tools, Pretty Links should be right up there with one of the first WordPress plugins you install.

With Pretty Links you can manage all your affiliate links so you can track what is performing well and what isn’t. It also cleans them up so they look more presentable (rather than a huge amount of characters that you often see in an affiliate link) while you can add auto-linking for certain keywords and set up redirects.

Pretty Links starts from $118.

#7 Monster Insights

Monster Insights is a powerful Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress that allows you to track your analytics data in a really easy to digest formation.

Not only can you use it to get real-time stats but it also automatically tracks all your affiliate links and banner ads. Monster Insights integrates with WooCommerce and you can set up custom tracking stats for your website too. It is all GDPR compliant and really easy to install.

Monster Insights starts from $199 per year.

#8 RafflePress

One of the best ways to grow your email list is to give something away. Contests and other prizes are a fantastic way to drum up interest and get emails where you can promote your offers.

Raffle Press is a really easy drag and drop giveaway builder that lets you create campaigns with great aesthetics.

You can get Raffle Press from just $49 per year.

Affiliate marketing tools and WordPress

WordPress is the most popular CMS on the market and it is used by many affiliate marketers to reach out to new customers and grow their business.

With plugins, you can really enhance the functionality of your site.

These WordPress affiliate marketing plugins will extend what you can do, allow you to manage your affiliates and also let you track your affiliate marketing business in a really easy way.

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