The Next Best ePayments Alternatives


With a wide selection of verticals and offers available on the market, affiliates have to go through a time-consuming process of choosing the best-fitting affiliate network. One of the main factors is the variety of payment methods. Since the ability to earn and receive their well-deserved revenue is a number one priority for affiliates, payment methods are often carefully considered.

The Next Best ePayments Alternative Options

Why Is Payment Method Important?

Such factors as user satisfaction rate, processing speed, and commission fees help affiliates to analyze and choose the most suitable methods. Naturally, payment terms like threshold and frequency differ from one affiliate network to another. Yet, most of the well-known payment systems are universally available.

The best-case scenario is what most affiliates are hoping for when it comes to choosing the primary and secondary payment options. While, most of the time, unforeseen circumstances do not take place, such casualties as payment system lockdown might shake up and jeopardize the well-structured workflow.

With the recent breaking news about ePayments being on lockdown, a large number of affiliate marketers have been greatly affected and, as a result, in search of alternative solutions.

For the sake of convenience, we bring you a detailed list featuring the best ePayments alternatives.

Payment Systems to Consider

When it comes to payment systems, it is crucial to have a plan B to keep your affiliate campaigns going and revenue coming in. This short review of the most frequently used methods will save you both time and effort.


It is one of the well-known and widely used payment methods among affiliates. In case you focus mostly on running dating offers, this option might be the best choice for you. Besides, this is exactly why this payment system is offered by multiple dating networks. The system has low commission fees and, also, allows creating a prepaid card. If you are interested in getting a prepaid card, you only need to receive your first payment and make a request. Afterward, you will be automatically charged. Naturally, owning a prepaid card means paying an annual $44.59 fee.


This system is heavily oriented towards affiliate marketing. Therefore, it is often offered as one of the payment options by affiliate networks. Especially if networks use such well-known platforms as TUNE or Cake. This system also allows buying traffic through the Payoneer account and using multiple currencies for various purposes. Moreover, you can choose if you want to withdraw your funds to the local bank account or request a prepaid MasterCard. Since the prepaid cards cannot be used for any gambling-related purchases, you should be careful if your main vertical is gambling.


First, local US affiliates have multiple perks when using this payment option. Even though this is one of the most commonly used payment systems worldwide, prepaid cards are issued exclusively to American citizens. Depending on the country, the system might allow free withdrawing. Therefore, this payment method is only individually suitable when it comes to affiliate marketing needs.


This payment solution differs from all the methods mentioned above. It allows for making payments to more than 10 different e-wallets at a time. To make multiple transactions, users do not need to create accounts in other payment systems. Besides, all the transactions within this system are free of charge for all the users. Moreover, this payment solution has multiple perks for affiliate networks.

Bitcoin Wallet

To begin with, there are hundreds of BTC wallets available online. While it is a great option to meet certain marketing needs, using a mobile wallet might also come in handy in your daily life. Moreover, it can be used for commissions paid in cryptocurrency or for the monthly earnings, you name it. In a nutshell, owning this type of wallet will prove very useful, whether you are a trading expert or not.

Wire Transfer

Even though payments can be easily made via e-wallets, wire transfer remains the most popular payment method worldwide. Regardless of the significantly higher fees and time-consuming payment processing, this option dramatically simplifies the withdrawing of your funds. Unfortunately, some of the banks cannot accept international transactions. Hopefully, this is not going to be the case for you.


The system is known for significantly low fees and an immense amount of currencies available. Once you start using it, your account should be active annually. Otherwise, you will have to pay a monthly maintenance fee. The only issue you might face is that it is not widely recognized by affiliate networks.

The affiliate marketing industry offers multiple payment options with various advantages and challenges. Even though there are solutions specifically created for affiliate marketers, not all of them offer low fees or meet specific requirements. The wide selection of payment methods allows you to carefully analyze and consider several options. Depending on your marketing goals and needs, make the wisest and safest choice.

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