The Steps of Being an Affiliate Marketer


Affiliate marketing can bring in a lot of income.

On the other hand, you might not make any money at all.

This is why finding out how to start an affiliate marketing business is so important. If you get off on the right foot and begin with solid foundations you will have every chance of being successful.

Countless would-be affiliate marketers try and fail every year but with our help, you will have the right steps to become an affiliate marketer.

how to become affiliate marketer step by step

Affiliate Marketing Guide

81% of brands use an affiliate marketing program. That means 81% of companies have affiliates helping to promote their products and services.

Given that up to $7 billion is expected to be spent by consumers through affiliates by 2020 there is massive potential to generate income as a marketer. The key is to know the right way in which to do this.

How to become an affiliate marketer step by step

We have outlined 6 steps that you should take in order to become an affiliate marketer in 2018. While following these steps won’t necessarily guarantee success it will give you the best opportunity to become a full-time affiliate and start an affiliate marketing business on your own.

Step 1: Choose a niche

The first step is one of the most important.

What are you interested in? What topic can you devote time to which won’t bore you a few months in the future? Finding the right niche means that you are happy to promote the products within that niche. It also means that you can speak with authority on that subject too.

Many people choose a niche that they have little to no interest in and this is why they give up quickly. Identify where your passion lies, look at whether you can solve problems within that niche with the products you want to promote and also examine the competition to see if there is room for you to make money. Choosing a niche is the first step on how you become an affiliate marketer.

Step 2: Choose an affiliate program(s)

Next, you need to find an affiliate program.

There are many out there. Some are specific to one topic or brand while others bring together many different affiliate products from a variety of niches that you can promote.
Pay careful attention to things such as commission rates and also how much you need to make before you can withdraw any funds. Some affiliate programs have more stringent rules than others.

Do your research and ensure that you pick an affiliate program that suits your needs and has a good reputation within your chosen subject.

Step 3: Build your website

Given the rise of social media as well as mobile marketing for affiliates, it can be natural to forget about the old methods such as creating a website and landing pages.

Even in 2018, you still need a website. It just gives you so much potential. You can create landing pages that directly push affiliate products to visitors or you can create a blog and put up product reviews and information. Having a website as an affiliate is vital and it can be done in a budget-friendly way.

There are plenty of templates which can make your website look professional so don’t forget about this crucial part of the affiliate marketing business.

Step 4: Produce top quality content

The reason many affiliate marketers fail is because they don’t produce quality content.

Gone are the days when you could get away with churning out 10 articles or reviews that were exactly the same with poorly written content and spammy links. Now you need to create top quality content that sells.

Create engaging blog posts and product reviews and ensure that your social media output is consistent and encourages engagement. Good content is a cornerstone of affiliate marketing and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Step 5: Enhance your reputation

The thing that sets apart struggling affiliate marketers from authority figures who make a lot of money every year is their reputation.

This takes a long time to build – it doesn’t happen overnight. You need to work hard with your customers and establish yourself as a name in the niche that you are promoting products in. This comes from producing good content, being professional and also promoting quality products. Look at affiliate marketing as a long-term investment rather than a quick way to make money.

Step 6: Promote affiliate products

The final step is what affiliate marketing is all about – promoting the products and services.

This can be done in a variety of ways. Once you have your affiliate link you can start getting it out there. You can do this with email marketing (which is still immensely effective), links within posts on social media and blog posts and product reviews that get traffic from organic search results and PPC.

You shouldn’t just concentrate on one method of selling your affiliate products but instead, use them all in conjunction with one another for maximum success.

How to start your own affiliate marketing business

If you want to know the best way to start affiliate marketing then it is following the 6 steps that we have outlined here and then actually putting it into practice.

Most marketers fail because they don’t take the right action. They read and read about techniques and strategies but don’t follow those through.

By understanding the basics of affiliate marketing and how it works and then using these 6 steps:

1. Find your niche
2. Choose an affiliate program
3. Create a website
4. Churn out great content
5. Build your reputation
6. Promote your affiliate links

These will put you on a solid footing for success.

This step by step affiliate marketing guide for beginners won’t guarantee that you will make a lot of money but it will give you the knowledge and a plan to go forward and carve out a section of the market for yourself.

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