The Top Social Media Marketing Trends for 2019


Social media plays such a huge role in our daily lives.

We probably don’t think it but how many times do you look at your Facebook timeline or Twitter feed every day? What about checking in on your Instagram friends? You probably do this more often than you would think.

There are just fewer than 3.4 billion social media users around the world. Ignoring social media for your marketing efforts is akin to saying that your business isn’t going to find any success. The important thing is to keep up on social media marketing trends as they change from year to year. What was important even 3 years ago perhaps won’t work as well now.

social media in 2019

So, what are the best social media trends for 2019?

What are the new social media trends?

We have 5 social media trends that will be popular this year.

#1 Video is still important

This isn’t a new trend as online videos and particularly video to promote ads has been around for a while.
78% of social media users watch videos on the different platforms every week and video offers an excellent way in which you can reach your target audience. In fact, live video is going to take off in 2019. The fact that some social media platforms such as Facebook now notify users when someone goes live means that marketers have a unique opportunity to create quality live video content to promote their products, services and ultimately their brand. You will see a rise in live video being used this year and this is consistent with the social media trends of previous years.

#2 Rise of micro-influencers

We all know some social media influencers. These are people who are famous due to their social media presence and they make money by being paid to promote products and services.

The problem for many marketers and businesses is that what these famous influencers charge is out of their price range. This is why you will see a rise in what we call micro-influencers.

These are influencers who have fewer than 10,000 followers on social media so while they aren’t in the top bracket they can still be very effective in online promotion. They are not only experts in their niche but have high marketing potential and they will be used more and more as 2019 goes on.

#3 Social listening

Social listening is looking for mentions of your brand or other keywords that have either been tagged or not. What’s the purpose of social listening? Well, it helps to further reputation management and customer service by finding out what others are saying about your brand, products or services.

This is also a way to find new customers, create targeted ads and also find out more about what people think of your products. There are many reasons why companies and marketers use social listening and 2019 is another year where this is going to grow even further.

#4 Augmented Reality

Believe it or not, augmented reality is already being used by Facebook.

AR turns ads from 2D to 3D and provide a better way to create an emotion connection with customers while offering interactive ads. It almost feels like playing a video game and many brands have used this to great effect by allowing potential customers to try and clothes and accessories to see what they look like without even having the product in front of them. There are endless possibilities with augmented reality ads and 2019 is expected to see them become one of the newest social media trends.

#5 Ephemeral Content

If you think about the content we consume online everyday our minds can have a short attention span.

This is why ephemeral content, or temporary content, is going to be a big thing in 2019. We already see lots of this when it comes to Snapchat stories for example and ephemeral content calls for quick actions and can push potential customers into making a fast conversion. Ephemeral content isn’t new to social media however it is one of the newest social media trends that marketers are using now and will continue to use in 2019 to great effect.

Making use of social media trends in 2019

Social media, by its very nature, moves quickly and it can be hard to keep up with the latest trends.

The 5 trends that we have outlined here for 2019 aren’t the only ones that will be popping up this year however they are the most important. If you want to create a solid social media marketing plan then knowing these trends, how they work and the benefits they have is vital.

Ignoring social media is a marketing disaster and by the implement, some or all of these trends into your marketing plan will help you to reach new customers and grow your business in 2019.

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