The Top Stories of Affiliate Marketing Success


With the amount of money that is generated every year by affiliate marketing, it stands to reason that some individuals and businesses have made a very successful career from promoting affiliate products and services.

We always like to hear about how other people do well. Not only is it inspiring but it also means that we can look at their strategy and techniques and learn from what they did right (and sometimes wrong!).

The best affiliate marketers will realize their mistake and won’t be shy in letting you know them. This is why they are authority figures in this sector because they want to help other people get into the game and discovering what works and what doesn’t is pivotal to that.

How to succeed with affiliate marketing

How to become a successful affiliate marketer

Being prosperous is often a long-term process however following some basic steps can put you on the right path to achieving this success.

The biggest affiliate marketers had to start somewhere and following their basic steps that they used in the beginning, can put you on the road to success too. While you need to carve your own journey within affiliate marketing discovering how other people have been rewarded for their efforts shouldn’t be seen in a bad light. Instead, you should view it as a motivator and a reason to continue even when you aren’t making money.

Affiliate marketing success stories

Instead of directly showing you how to be successful we are going to look into some examples of success to demonstrate that you can make money with affiliate marketing.

The 5 people and websites that we have listed aren’t the only ones to make a healthy living from promoting affiliate products and services (not by a long shot!) but they are 5 that we have picked which serve as good examples for you to aspire to.

#1 Hieu Nguyen

Hieu Nguyen is a Vietnamese affiliate marketer who was working as a software developer before he took the plunge into selling affiliate products.
He has had a ton of success by building niche sites which target specific Amazon products. One of the first sites he built he sold for $17,500 profit and he continues to make money with niche sites and promoting Amazon products as an affiliate. You can read more about his success story here and he shows that you can make money online regardless of whereabouts in the world you come from.

#2 The Wire Cutter

The Wire Cutter is a huge site and in 2015 it made $150 million of affiliate sales.
That is a massive figure even in the big world of affiliate marketing. In fact, the website gets over 1 million visitors every month. They post reviews of affiliate products such as the latest gadgets, outdoor gear and health and fitness products. One of the reasons for their success is that all the products they review are tested rigorously so they are genuine reviews. They don’t just point out the good things about these products; they detail the flaws as well.

#3 Chris Guthrie at UpFuel

Chris sold one of his affiliate websites for a six-figure sum and has a wealth of tips, strategies, and knowledge that he shares on his website.
Predominately working with Amazon affiliate links, he has made a lot of money marketing different products online and it is one of the best examples of success in this sector. He also hosts a podcast with the various authority figure and experts in the online marketing world so he is someone that you can learn from too.

#4 TripAdvisor

Perhaps one of the biggest success stories in affiliate marketing. Most people don’t even think that TripAdvisor is an affiliate! That’s how good they are.
With over 116 million visitors per month, they have become the go-to place to look at restaurants, hotels and everything else to see what travel destinations are really like around the world. You can have a look at how their business model works here and they mostly make their money from travel companies and selling high-quality leads. They might be a bigger name than the others mentioned in this article but they are a fantastic example of affiliate marketing done right.

#5 Darren Rowse at is a well-known site for affiliate marketers to learn from and try and make profits with various strategies.
He has been an affiliate marketer for a long time – since the early 00s – and he has built a majorly successful career out of it. He has made well over £550k to date and he mainly focuses his attention on Amazon products. By running just a few websites he had become one of the authority figures in affiliate marketing and a big success story that will provide anyone with motivation.

How to succeed with affiliate marketing

These are just a handful of the thousands of affiliate marketing success stories out there that you can read about. These individuals and companies have built a lucrative venture out of affiliate marketing and it means that you can too.

The great thing about affiliate marketing is that anyone can get into it. You don’t necessarily need to have any past qualifications or experience to be a successful marketer and people from all walks of life get started and make money every year. To become one of the biggest affiliate marketers or even just to create a small gap in the market yourself where you can earn some extra money, you need to have the right mindset. All the skills and knowledge in the world won’t bring you success unless you know that you can make a profit and you are prepared to put in the time, effort and deal with the knockbacks to do so.

All these affiliate marketers spent a long time putting together their various business models. Success doesn’t come overnight however if you learn from these businesses and individuals then you can have a very rewarding career indeed.

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