These are the Best Native Ad Networks for 2019


Every time you go on the internet whether it is via a desktop, laptop, tablet or even on your smartphone, you will see an ad.

We are just so used to them now that we hardly notice ad’s like we did in the past.

Funnily enough, this is due to native ads and the fact that we see so many every single day.

Let’s have a look at what native ads are, how big the market is and what the best native networks are to use in 2019.

best advertising networks

What are native ads?

Native ads don’t really look like advertisements at all. This is one of the reasons why they are so effective.

They are designed in a way so that they look like regular content and are non-intrusive. They generally integrate seamlessly into the content that you are looking at. If you’ve seen a ‘Suggested Post’ or ‘Recommended for you’ piece of content on a social media platform or website then the chances are that they are a native ad.

Rather than the old-style ads we are accustomed to like pop-ups and banner ads, native ads are cleaner and integrate with the existing content of a website.

How much is spent on advertising networks?

The amount that has been spent on advertising networks and specifically native ads has risen considerably in the past few years.

In 2016 there were 16.7 billion dollars spent on native ads. In 2018 this had increased to 32.9 billion and this year (2019) it is expected to sky rocket again to over 40 billion dollars.

The figures speak from themselves. The considerable rise in money that has been spent on native ads means that they are effective and businesses are noticing that they are effective.

Best native ad networks for 2019

So, what are the best native ad networks that you can use this year and in the future?


First on our list is a native ad network called MGID.

These guys were one of the first around and they have been going since 2008. MGID has a traffic flow of circa 70 million visits and they offer a range of targeting options such as geo-location, browser, device and language. They don’t offer carrier targeting options, however.

As an entry point for people who are new to native advertising then MGID is perfect because they offer an easy to use system with plenty of advanced targeting and bidding options.

#2 Taboola

Next up is Taboola.
This native ad network has been around a year longer than MGID and they have a steady traffic flow with around 50% coming from what are called Tier 1 countries.

The reason they aren’t number one on this list is that their entry requirements are high – you need 500,000 monthly traffic to be considered. That said, they do offer a range of targeting options and Taboola is more focused on experienced advertisers rather than those who are just starting their journey.

For those who have a website getting a lot of traffic and have been around the block when it comes to online advertising they are a solid choice.

#3 Revcontent

Revcontent haven’t been around as long as the other two but they are growing and have emerged as one of the top native ad networks today.

They have Tier 1 countries on their GEO list and while their entry standards are a big high (50,000 monthly visits) they have an easy to use system with great targeting options. Revcontent has Push Notification Traffic as well.

These guys aren’t the quickest at approving your account (it can take nearly 2 weeks) and they do have some high entry barriers but if you meet their criteria they are one of the best native ad networks.

#4 Outbrain

Outbrain is the fourth on our list and they are really aimed at top-performing websites who want to monetize their digital space as much as they can.

You need to have 1 million monthly visits to be considered to join their native ad network and their traffic count is dominated by Tier 1 countries that have the most potential to make money.

They have good targeting options when it comes to English speaking countries and audiences and provide some of the best traffic out of all the ad platforms on our list.

#5 Adcash

The fifth native ad network on our list is called Adcash.

Their top geo-locations are all Tier 1 countries while they have a high traffic volume too. If you want an ad network with a truly global reach then these are the guys and they also offer dedicated account managers and automated ROI optimisation.

The areas where they aren’t as great and their platform which can be a bit confusing to use and they also have stricter content guidelines than some other native ad networks.

#6 RichNative

RichNative is a high-quality source of native traffic.
The format perfectly fits the media webpage they’re placed on and allows to get as high CTR and ROI as possible.
You can reach your target audience with relevant ads on popular websites and drive high-quality traffic that converts:

  • Relevant Advertising options,
  • Brand Awareness,
  • User Engagement.
  • Top verticals are gambling, gaming, finance and insurance, nutra, education, tech, automotive.
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