This is How to Viral Market a Website in 2018


Do you ever see a post on Twitter with 100k retweets or an update on Facebook with 80k likes and think, how did they manage to do that?

We see viral content every day and if you think that it is just a select few people or websites that can do this then you’re wrong. The bigger you are doesn’t necessarily mean that you will go viral.

In this guide, we are going to answer some questions if you want to know how to make your website go viral but first, we need to actually explain what we mean by that.

how to create a viral content ideas

What do we mean by viral market your site?

Those stats that we posted at the beginning – that is viral content. In fact, if you have a look at the most shared Facebook content from last year you will see what viral actually means.

Going viral means that your content – whether it is an image, video or article – is shared by a lot of individuals in quick succession. It can be all over the world, in your country or even just in your city. Some people argue that over 100k views of a video means that it can be claimed to ‘go viral’ but that isn’t necessarily the case and others maintain that it is how much of the content has been shared is what matters.

Going viral is pretty relative but at a basic level it means that your content is seen quickly by a lot of people.

How to make your website go viral

As an affiliate marketer or website owner you want more people to see your site. This is how you get traffic and how, if you are an affiliate, is how you earn a commission from your sales.

So, let’s see 7 ways how to make your website go viral.

#1 Create viral-worthy content

It is pretty simple. If you want to create a viral website then your content game has to be strong. People aren’t going to share poor quality content and they certainly aren’t going to read it.

Actually, you want to make sure that your whole website has good content and not just the viral post. If someone lands on your site as a blog post has went viral and the rest of your content is terrible then they won’t stay, will they?

#2 Utilise your social media following

If you have a large social media following then you do stand a better chance of going viral. The more people that can see your initial post then the more likely it will to be shared and seen by a lot more people.

We don’t want you to go out and purchase bots or fake traffic because that is a pretty bad idea but build you your followers over time and see how many more shares you get.

#3 Design beautiful infographics

People love looking at nice images and a well-designed infographic that has the key points of what you want to say has the potential to be immensely popular.

If you can read a lovely looking infographic and get the same information from that as you would from reading a 1000-word blog then what would you prefer? The infographic obviously because we lead such busy lives that we can consume the same data much quicker than reading a large body of text.

#4 Videos mean more clicks

Similarly, to the infographic idea, videos can mean far more shares and clicks.

Studies show that videos posted on social media receive 1200% more shares than any other type of content and that 2 minutes in length is optimal. You can say a lot in 2 minutes and a professional video that is posted with a link back to your website is one of the great viral website ideas.

#5 ‘How to’ guides are viral worthy

Users want to know how to do things. Especially things that are going to make them money.

If you have a good working knowledge of something or perhaps you have just begun to find success as an affiliate marketer and want to share the basic steps with others, creating a how-to guide is a fantastic idea. You will be giving some of your knowledge, experience, and skills back and people love to share that kind of content.

#6 To meme or not to meme

Memes are commonplace online now, especially within social media. Should you use them as part of your marketing campaign to go viral?

Absolutely! As long as you use them correctly – some organisations have failed at this in the past – you can make people laugh, think and ultimately get them to click on your website and see what else you have going for you.

#7 Hit the latest trends

Finally, you want to aim to talk about the latest topics or trends if you want content to go viral. Don’t look at this as an evergreen or long-term strategy because a post that is viral could be out of date in less than a day!

Fit a current hot topic into your blog if you can relate it to your niche. If it touches on someone that is in the news or popular online then you will get more clicks and engagement as a result.

Reach out to unlimited traffic today

If you have come here to find out how to make your website viral then these 7 steps will give you a big chance of success.

Will you be guaranteed to get 100k likes? Definitely not. What about 500? Nope. But what we can guarantee is that this information has helped many people go viral not just in their own country but across the world.

Remember that if you do go viral the ensure that you keep up the good content. Not every update or social media post has to go viral but you don’t want to be known as someone who had a ‘one hit wonder’ without any quality content or updates after.

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