Best Tips for Networking Effectively


Despite what modern technology can offer when it comes to taking businesses and online marketers to the next level, there will always be room for more conventional forms of progression, and networking can be one of the most important skills an online marketer possesses.

However, networking is about more than the transferring of business cards, it’s about forming a relations ship in a holistic and friendly way.

how to network with people at events tips

Networking Tips for Marketers

Regardless of whether you’re looking for additional sales or simply looking to promote your brand, the following networking tips ensure that you’re making the right impression the first time.

Introduce Yourself, Not Your Business

When getting to know someone professionally, it’s easy to assume that the person we’re speaking to only wants to know about the business.

Speaking on a personal level not only allows you to get to know each other, including any goals or ambitions you share but will flow to the subject of business in a natural way.

Don’t Bombard Potential Connections When Networking

LinkedIn can be a popular platform when learning how to network, but it’s important not to be premature when it comes to making requests on the professional platform.

Take some time to read up on their resume and the experience they have. A request can then be sent as a follow-up. Simply adding someone to a social network, be it LinkedIn or Twitter can make it seem like your network with anyone, which isn’t a good portrayal when looking to move forward.

List What You Can Offer, Not What You Want

There’s no denying that networking events are great for businesses looking for potential partnerships and joint endeavours, but it’s important to go with the flow when learning how to network.

Simply attending a networking event with a list of things you want could mean that the event itself ends up being uninspiring.

There’s nothing wrong with being prepared but offering the business you run as a solution to someone at the event will bear more fruit than simply announcing you’re looking for customers.

Spend Some Time at the Bar, Even If You’re Not Drinking

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that you should be drinking if you don’t want to, but those spending time at the bar are likely looking to relax and allows for conversations to develop in an organic way.

Again, the conversation should be natural, but there will always be a time when a friendly conversation can turn into something bigger.

Ensure Online Communication Is Monitored

Although there is nothing wrong in chasing up potential leads, this doesn’t mean that they should be bombarded with a series of emails.

If you’ve advised you will be in touch by email, then why not offer a time to catch up on the email.

This means that there is still an opportunity to discuss details, without the other person having to be contacted on a regular basis to obtain this update.

Ensure You Have Business Cards to Hand

Nobody likes to have a business card given to them each time they turn a corner, but they’re often a great way of establishing a relationship should the need arise.

Like anything else, giving out business cards can be something of an art. If the topic arises, then it’s useful to ensure that you have them to hand.

Similarly, don’t feel disheartened should you still have some left at the end of the event, it’s simply about being prepared.

It’s important that when learning how to network, you’re enjoying yourself and setting yourself goals that may not be reached.

Acting in a natural manner and being yourself will always yield more rewards than those that try to make new connections using boisterous methods.

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