Top Affiliate Conferences in 2020


As the 2019 conference season comes to an end, affiliate marketers have the opportunity to put their strategies into perspective. While keeping up with such a fast-paced industry as performance marketing is a challenge, the constant technological development and availability of multiple digital channels justify the efforts.

The performance marketing ecosystem is based on cooperation and ability to make contacts, whether it means attracting leads and converting them into customers, or leveraging from data and content available at niche-specific events. Networking might seem like an old-school approach. However, it provides an opportunity to connect with marketers from all over the world. To facilitate reaching the main objective of all affiliate marketers — bringing the revenue, we put together a list of affiliate marketing events to look out for in 2020.

affiliate marketing conferences

Affiliate Summit West

27-29 January 2020, Las Vegas

The next conference season starts in January with one of the well-known performance marketing events called Affiliate Summit West. Around 6,000 attendees come to this conference annually from all over the world to network and strike new deals. Naturally, ASW20 will provide an opportunity to learn from the brightest minds of the industry, form new partnerships, and grow your business.

Mobile World Congress

24-27 February 2020, Barcelona

Mobile World Congress is one of the major mobile events worldwide. MWC guarantees not only the most valuable industry insights but also the opportunity to take a look at the latest innovative products and technologies. Besides, this time, MWC provides an opportunity to personalize your attendance with the help of main industry topics and agendas available on the website.

TES Affiliate Conference

28 February – 2 March 2020, Lisbon (Cascais)

TES assembles the most prominent experts in e-commerce, online entertainment, gaming, dating, gambling, financial, and nutraceutical industries. More than 4,000 attendees come annually to have a profound networking experience only this conference can offer.

CPA Conf

12 March 2020, Kyiv

CPA Conf is one of the key affiliate marketing events in Ukraine. This event assembles local affiliates and the main players of the industry, representing both local and international brands, CPA networks, and advertisers.

Italian Affiliate Expo

27-29 March 2020, Rome

Italian Affiliate Expo is the most massive Italy-based affiliate marketing event. Apart from the opportunity to connect with the local marketing experts, the expo offers informative keynotes from the top affiliates along with the industry-specific case studies, and mind-blowing afterparties.

Traffic and Conversion Summit

31 March – 2 April 2020, San Diego, CA

The main objective of the T&C Summit is to deliver valuable strategic content. The summit invites the most successful affiliate marketing experts to share their proven and tested tactics helping to stimulate sales, improve conversions, and increase the volume of traffic.


21-22 April 2020, Moscow

Moscow Affiliate Conference offers a rare opportunity to receive an in-depth understanding of affiliate marketing processes during the 2-day event. MAC’20 will bring together an enormous number of local and international CPA networks, traffic sources, media buyers, and affiliates. This event is a great opportunity to meet the greatest minds of performance marketing.

Affiliate World Europe

8-9 July 2020, Barcelona

Affiliate World Europe conference features not only high-quality content but also ensures another level of networking, bringing together industry experts and beginners to learn from the very best in the affiliate marketing industry. AWE is a must-participate event for anyone in internet marketing.

Affiliate Summit East

26-28 July 2020, New York

Affiliate Summit East is a landmark event in the US digital marketing industry. ASE assembles traffic sources, advertisers, networks, global brands, influencers, media owners, and agencies to demonstrate cutting-edge performance marketing solutions. Besides, the conference provides attendees an opportunity to build lasting business partnerships on site.


23-24 September 2020, Cologne

DMEXCO offers multiple conference formats to make the event experience educational and meaningful. The variety of formats ensures the interest of diverse audiences. For instance, there is Congress Stage for keynotes, Debate Stage for discussions, Experience Stage for innovations and inspiration, Seminars for case studies and optimization, Work Labs for practice, etc. In a nutshell, DMEXCO is a meeting point for the industry leaders, marketing experts, and tech enthusiasts.

KINZA 2020

Autumn 2020 TBD, Moscow

The KINZA conference brings together seasoned affiliate marketing experts in Moscow. KINZA 2020 is going to be the sixth annual conference assembling local and international publishers, affiliates, and advertisers. The conference is famous not only for creating the perfect environment for networking but also for providing an ideal venue for constructive debates. Marketers can expect to meet more than 1,500 participants and around 30 guest experts presenting their cases.

CPA Life

CPA Life is one of the prominent digital marketing events in Russia. The conference will assemble more than 2,500 attendees, 200 international brands, and around 30 speakers. CPA Life is a must-attend event for internet marketers focused on e-commerce and traffic monetization.

Affiliate World Asia

Since AWA19 is going to take place this December, the dates of the next event have not been announced yet. Affiliate World Asia is the most anticipated assembly in the digital marketing industry. It is not just a traditional two-day conference, but a set of activities created for internet marketers. Recently, AWA added three niche-dedicated labs to its schedule, enriching the event experience and adding value to the event.

Regardless of where the journey takes you and what your goals are for the coming year, it is definitely going to be a productive one. Take your time to relax and plan before the 2020 conference season hits the industry with new force. Cheers to this challenging yet rewarding year, and let’s get the most out of the next one!

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