Traffic Force Review – Should You Use It for Ad Campaigns?


If you’re looking for an ad network to push your ads to a wide audience then choosing the right one for your needs can be a nightmare.

As there are so many ad networks on there at the minute that let you start campaigns and help you to market your products and offers, what one do you choose?

In this guide, we are going to look at Traffic Force.

traffic force review for affiliates

What is Traffic Force?

Traffic Force is a CPM (cost-per-mille) advertising network that pays on a per 1000 impression basis.

They have over 15 billion ad impressions on a monthly basis which is a huge amount so these guys are big players in the market. Traffic Force also uses SSP – Supply Side Platform – so you can use programmatic buying too. In terms of niches, these guys specialise in the adult, dating and nutra markets.

So, Traffic Force is one of the biggest networks that you can use to get your ads out there or to display ads on your digital space.

Key features of Traffic Force

Why should you choose these guys for your campaigns? Well, they have 4 really good key features.

#1 Their Geo Reach

One thing that you should look out for when choosing an ad network is what locations you can run ads in. Different regions are more profitable and others and it could be the case that your offers are only applicable to people in certain countries too.

With Traffic Force you can target a whole range of countries and this includes Tier 1 which are the most profitable. For example, with Traffic Force you can push ads you to the UK, USA, France and Germany among many others.

#2 Strong targeting options

One of the great things about Traffic Force is that they have a wide range of targeting options.

This is important so you can really narrow down the types of people who you want to view your ads. It’ll get you better clicks too. With Traffic Force you can target people via their location, what OS they are using, what device they have, what browser they use to access the internet and even what their connection speed is.

All these things are important if you want to get your ads to the right people and will do wonders for your ROI.

#3 Mobile Ready

Traffic Force is also a mobile friendly.

This means that you can access the dashboard, do everything you need to do and check on your campaigns all from the comfort of your mobile phone. Their site is fully mobile optimised so you don’t need to be next to a laptop or a desktop to get the best experience when using this ad network.

This is something that not everyone thinks about as many ad networks have sites and platforms that don’t show well on mobile devices making it harder for people to manage their campaigns on the move. Luckily Traffic Force is fully mobile ready.

#4 Ad types

The last key feature we need to tell you about before we move onto some important things to know about Traffic Force is with their ad types.

They offer a load of different types of ad that you can use to create or expand your ad campaign. Traffic Force offer for desktops:

• Display banners

• Pop-under

• IM floater

• In-stream video

And for mobiles:

• Mobile adhesion

• Display banners

• In-stream video

• Pop-under

So, as you can see, there are a wide number of different ads that will increase your coverage and help your campaign.

Important things to know

Now that you know about the main features of using Traffic Force there are some things we need to tell you before we wrap up.

The minimum threshold for payment is $100 which is actually quite low compared to some other networks so you can be paid quicker and they allow you to use wire transfer, cheque, Paxum and PayPal.

You also get a personal account manager and they have a good support system with both Skype and Email help.

Is there anything bad about Traffic Force?

We are going to make you aware of some potential drawbacks in this Traffic Force review.

While they have both Skype and Email support options they can be a bit slow in getting back to you which is a problem if something is seriously wrong with your account. They perhaps aren’t suited to smaller sites that are just starting off and most of the people who use Traffic Force then to have larger sites and are looking to expand on what they have.

Finally, they don’t have a referral program so you can’t earn money from commissions this way.

Using Traffic Force for your ad campaigns

Traffic Force gives you the means to massively increase the reach of your ad campaigns and get your affiliate offers out to a very targeted group of people.

They have a range of great targeting options and ad types to help you do this.

With Traffic Force you get a user-friendly and mobile ready system with a varied choice of ad types. While they do have some drawbacks they are one of the biggest and most effective networks to use for online ad campaigns.

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