TrafficJunky: What Is It and What Can it Offer Advertisers and Publishers?


Regardless of whether you’re an advertiser or a publisher, affiliate platforms can be the ideal place to make connections and ensure we’re getting the best value from referrals.

Publishers and advertisers alike have seen the benefits of TrafficJunky ads, but there are still those who are unsure as to whether TrafficJunky is a platform that can be of benefit to them.

When approaching any affiliate or advertising platform, it’s important to remember that there is still work that needs to be carried out regardless of the end-goal.

For example, those looking to operate as a publisher will need to ensure that efforts are being made to promote their website.

Similarly, those looking for a large influx of traffic will need to know their target audience and ensure ads are tailored in line with this information.

TrafficJunky can offer users a great return, be it commission or traffic, but how easy is it to make money with TrafficJunky ads?

Like any platform, it must be used in the right way to obtain the desired results. So, whereas some TrafficJunky reviews can be brief, this review examines the affiliate platform in more detail, as well as the options available to publishers.

we review the benefits of TrafficJunky ads

What Is TrafficJunky?

TrafficJunky is a platform that partners companies with website owners and offer commissions via the use of banner ads and other forms of advertising.

Advertisers looking to launch a marketing campaign can use a series of features to tailor their ad to an audience.

Publishers can help support the cause by placing TrafficJunky’s ads on their website, earning a commission for the referrals made.

The platform is owned by MindGeek, which is responsible for a set of adult sites that include but are not limited to the following:

• PornHub
• Brazzers
• RedTube
• XHamster

As well as adult sites, it’s not uncommon to see sites listed that deal with entertainment, dating and health and beauty.

The entertainment marketing ecosystem is like the approach adopted by Google Adwords, in that advertised place their ads on the platform via a pay-to-click or view basis.

There are constant reviews undertaken to ensure that only traffic primed for conversion are sent to the advertiser’s site, meaning there is more potential for return.

The cost of a campaign can depend on the traffic you’re trying to acquire, but the fact that users can amend their campaign to different online sectors ensures there is more precision when targeting a potential audience.

Are Campaigns Limited to Adult Niches?

One of the main concerns regarding TrafficJunky is that only those who operate in the adult sector can make use of the site, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Not only are there several variable websites available, but more conventional companies have found success embracing the adult nature of the sites.

This includes Eat24 with their adult-themed food ad placements, and Diesel using adult sites to advertise its range of risqué underwear.

What’s even more impressive is the amount of traffic these websites receive, which means those with the right marketing campaign can expect a great return.

It’s worth noting that the traffic acquired by TrafficJunky far surpasses that of social networks, so those looking for brand recognition could find that the adult sector offers them fast access to a lot of potential customers.

What Pageviews Can Be Expected?

To get a better idea of what TrafficJunky is capable off in relation to website traffic, we only have to look at recent stats.

• 65.5 million desktop visitors accounted for 481 million daily page views.
• 41.2 million mobile visitors account for 285 million daily page views.
• 12.2 million tablet visitors accounted for 70 million daily page views.

The commission or return an advertiser or publisher can make will depend on the campaign or traffic respectively.

It’s also worth noting that the traffic doesn’t automatically go to those with the highest bud, as TrafficJunky uses an algorithm that takes a series of factors into account. For example, if a media buyer places the highest bid for traffic, then initially they will be in the top spot.

However, should there be another buyer who has the bid that can cover a spot’s daily traffic, then things could change when it comes to ad placement.

Fortunately, those looking to advertise via the TrafficJunky platform can access a series of tools that ensure that campaigns are created to yield the most benefit.

Advertising Statistics

The advertising statistics is an important part of the advertising campaign, as it allows users to check stats as per the specific parameters, including eCPM and CTR.

Users can also access information related to the impressions of the ads and gain insight as to where this traffic originates from.

Not only does this help ensure that current campaigns are going to plan, but the information garnered can be used to create future campaigns.

How Much Does It Cost?

One of the most alluring aspects of TrafficJunky is its low minimum deposit. Deposits as lows $25 are available for those using PayPal, whereas those using credit card and Discover will have a minimum amount of $100 to deposit.

Those looking to use TrafficJunky as a publisher will be able to manage what sites they advertise and can view statistics in relation to these placements. This means that if some ads are underperforming, then the necessary changes can be made.

How Easy is TrafficJunky to Use?

Like any affiliate platform, there can be a learning curve when using TrafficJunky for the first time, but more seasoned users find that they can navigate the platform easily.

Publishers are given a very basic layout that allows them to add their site and choose their spots. Once their website has been authorised, they can then activate the spots and earn commission for any referrals made.

Advertisers are given a different platform, which gives a detailed breakdown of the campaign and what TrafficJunky ads are reaching the proposed audience.

Tweaks can be made to ensure that you’re achieving the best results. For example, you may need to lengthen your budget if there happens to be success for a particular placement, whereas others will be able to target more niche sectors.

As well as having a series of guide in place, TrafficJunky also offers its advertising customers 24/7 support. So even if users don’t hit a fork in the road when trying to perfect their campaign, help is only a phone call away.

Regular Payouts for Publishers

Publishers can be confident that payouts are regular and can be deposited in several different ways, including the following:

• PayPal: Minimum Payout $50.00
• Paxum
• FirstChoicePay
• Wire Transfer

All payments are made to publishers on a Tuesday. The amount a publisher can make will depend on the niche of the site and how many daily visitors it had. Publisher need to be aware that are restrictions in place when working with websites, in that they cannot promote, alcohol, drugs and extreme violence.


So, can TrafficJunky make money for advertisers and publishers? Absolutely, but there still needs to be a lot of input from the user to ensure that this is the case.

Although TrafficJunky offers the tools needed, there who don’t understand the target audience could find they’re missing the mark.

Similarly, publishers with very view visitors a day aren’t going to make the same returns as those constantly making improvements.

However, used in the right way, TrafficJunky is an excellent way of promoting brand recognition, and earning income as an affiliate via website referrals.

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