Troubleshooting: Facebook Ad Account Recovery


It is an undeniable fact that advertising on FB is tricky and requires a great deal of caution. While advertisers are doing their best to adjust, fit the market, and get their ads approved on Facebook, the platform keeps evolving and tightening not only its ad policies but also the verification process. According to Facebook, the number of monthly active users reached 2.45 billion in September 2019. With the constantly growing number of active users, Facebook literally dominates the social media and ad markets. As a result, brands strive to succeed when launching advertising on this platform. Naturally, it should be a win-win situation for both sides. What could possibly go wrong?

In fact, there are only two potential issues advertisers fear the most. First is the inability to run ads or ad disapproval, and second is disabled ad account. In a nutshell, one Facebook to rule them all. The reasons for both might vary, but the most common ones are FB ad policy violations and strongly negative feedback from the target audience. Without further ado, let’s dig into the most worrisome ad issues and discover ways to avoid getting blocked.

Facebook Ads acoount recovery

Inability to Run Ads Or Ad Disapproval

The good news is that ads are not necessarily disapproved right away. They might be flagged first, which is a good sign. Naturally, there is a list of standard reasons for flagging and disapproval:

• Your ad might contain words that have a high flagging potential like “you”, “this”, or “your”. The reason is simple. These words are often used in CTA phrases and usually considered clickbait.

• Using only upper case letters.

• If your ad redirects users to the questionable landing page, Facebook will not tolerate it. Pop-ups or questionable income-related CTA’s will most likely cause disapproval.

• Misusing Facebook trademark or logo.

• Running the same ad for a long time. This might cause negative feedback from the target audience and get your add flagged.

• Violation of the Ad Policy.

If your ads were flagged, there is still a chance to fix it. The most obvious and simple step is to experiment with the same adds. Clearly, it will take some time but you might succeed in removing the flag without any assistance from FB. If it does not work, the problem might lie in your ad account. Should that be the case, we strongly recommend launching ads from different FB page or advertising account. Another option is to appeal the decision to disable or flag your ad. Requesting a review of an ad is a simple process and can be a lesser evil. To make this request, visit the dedicated FB page. Before moving on to the last step, you should also consider checking the Ads Help Center. If none of the suggestions helps to revive your ads, you have only one option left – contacting Facebook support directly.

Disabled Ad Accounts

Whether it was a personal or business account that got blocked by Facebook, it is crucial to be persistent when dealing with the issue. Since Facebook is focused on keeping the entire platform and its users safe, the dedicated support manager will exercise the same consistency and caution. Nevertheless, Facebook allows individuals and brands to appeal to the platform’s decision to disable accounts. When dealing with disabled ad accounts, you can start by checking the guide provided by the platform itself.

Sadly, there is a chance that you might have to create a new Facebook page and dedicate some time to set the new ad account. However, setting up a new business manager account is fast and effortless. Besides, it is the best choice for running ads on this platform. Using a personal ad account is not a good call, especially if you are a business owner. When dealing with Facebook advertising, brands should indeed be 100% cautious and follow all the listed terms and policies. Otherwise, any type of distantly illicit activity might lead to long-term negative repercussions.

When it comes to running successful ad campaigns on Facebook, advertisers are aware of the fact that it is as challenging a task as it is rewarding. Therefore, trying to go gray will undoubtedly backfire. To keep your account safe and efforts worthwhile, you simply need to follow all the ad policies and test your adds. If in doubt, you should also consider reviewing Facebook Community Standards. In other words, play it by the book.

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