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The key to affiliate success is measuring your performance.

It’s all well and good making sales or getting clicks on you ads but if you don’t keep track of what you have done and how well it was worked (or hasn’t worked) then how will you know what will be successful and what won’t?

Getting the right CPA tracker and ad tracking software is crucial. With the right program you can track all your affiliate activity. This means you can see exactly what performs well, what needs optimised and what perhaps needs dropped altogether.

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Top 6 ad tracking software

There are quite a lot of affiliate tracker systems out there but we have whittled the list down to the top 6.

#1 Voluum

This is one of the most well-known affiliate tracking tools out there.

Voluum tracking offers a ton of great features so you can accurately track your campaigns. This includes:

• Automatic campaign optimization such as A/B testing
• Tracking your campaigns easily
• Listicle Tracking that offers more complex pathways for visitors
• Fraud detection that will help protect your campaigns

These guys are the best affiliate marketing tracking platform about at the minute. You can get Voluum for just $69 per month for the basic package and they also offer a free trial period.

#2 BeMob

Next on our list is an affiliate tracking software called BeMob.

This cloud-based tracker is very popular and they give you all the tools you need to accurately track and optimise your campaigns.

They allow you to test different landing pages with a/b testing, real-time data reporting and precise data so you can see what is working and what isn’t. BeMob have a free option and their paid package which comes with more features from $25 per month.

#3 Binom

This self-hosted tracking software has a wide range of different features that will allow you to track your campaigns.

One reason why many people choose Binom is for its teamwork capabilities. They offer great functionality so that you can gave permissions to different users with different levels. Binom also have a great support system that is quick to respond so if you have any issues then they are usually sorted out very quickly.

Bitnom provide everything you need to track your campaigns and their pricing is $69 per month.

#4 RedTrack

RedTrack is another well-known affiliate tracking system that you can use to keep on top of your campaigns.

It provides an easy to use system especially for those that are new to affiliate tracking and the affiliate business in general. It has a very clean interface and allow for multi-user access as well. Their support system is very good with quick response times while RedTrack and they have fraud reporting tools.

RedTrack starts from $29 per month and they also offer a 14-day trial.

#5 ThriveTracker

You might have heard of ThriveTracker before because they are one of the biggest platforms to track your ads and affiliate efforts with.

With these guys you have a handy bot filter so you get ‘clean’ data on your campaigns, AI optimisation for split testing and other capabilities, multi-user access and you will also be able to use their support system that is one of the best out there. You will get reports with a lot of data so that you can digest it and tailor your campaigns for maximum optimisation.

ThriveTracker starts from $35 per month.

#6 AdsBridge

Our final choice on our list of the top 6 affiliate tracking platforms is AdsBridge.

With these guys you can track all your ads and affiliate campaigns, manage and optimise your campaigns, use split testing, build landing pages and they have a really good bot filter as well.

You can integrate AdsBridge with different systems such as well-known traffic sources and different affiliate networks.

AdsBridge also utilise Smartlink options and they’re service starts from as little as $29 per month.

Best affiliate tracking software

If you are hoping to find some great link tracking software then the top six that we have listed here will give you what you need and more.

There is some free affiliate tracking software options out there that you can utilise. Some of the services that we have listed here also offer a free trial. While the free systems can give you some data if you want the right data that you can trawl through so that your campaigns can be optimised and you will get more clicks and conversions.

Affiliate tracking is vital. You need to know exactly how your campaigns are performing and what parts are working well. This means you can focus your efforts on parts of your campaigns that aren’t performing as well so you get a maximum ROI and upscale your marketing efforts.

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