Using CPA Advertising to Earn Money with Affiliate Schemes


If you run a website or blog for fun or for profit, you might want to consider placing third party advertisements within your content to support your site’s running costs or to earn some extra money, which can enable you to tap into a ready and waiting revenue stream that may potentially represent a significant amount of cash.

Running affiliate advertisements and promotions are, for most website owners and content creators, the simplest and most profitable way to do this – and if you want to give yourself the best possible chance of making money from your content, choosing an affiliate scheme with a CPA advertising commission framework is the best way to do it.

Setting up a CPA advertising promotion on your website or blog isn’t hard – and if you like the sound of making money online but are asking yourself “what does CPA stand for in advertising?” Or if you aren’t really sure how the CPA advertising model works or how to go about advertising CPA offers, don’t worry. In this blog post, we will explain the basics of CPA online advertising, answer the question of “what does CPA mean in online advertising,” and tell you everything you need to know about how to get started.

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What is CPA advertising?

So, what is CPA advertising? CPA stands for “cost per action,” also sometimes referred to as “cost per acquisition” instead, and it refers to a certain type of pricing model for advertising payments.

For advertisers, CPA is the cost to the advertiser of running an advert, expressed as the financial outlay that they make for each action or acquisition that the advert achieves. The advertiser sets the rate at which they will pay out for each “action,” and when one of their adverts achieves this action, they pay the person who generated the action a set rate – the CPA, or cost per action.

What the action in question is can vary, depending on what the advertiser wants to achieve – it might mean a sale, a sign-up, a data capture, or any other predetermined activity that must happen before the advertiser will pay for the acquisition.

CPA (cost per action) advertising is one of the most popular payment models used by online advertisers and promotors across a wide variety of niches, because the advertiser only pays out for a successful action or acquisition, and the person or company who manages to achieve this action is generously rewarded for their success.

The CPA advertising model for affiliates

When it comes to affiliate scheme partnerships in which third party affiliates advertise and promote the scheme’s products or services to earn commissions, CPA is one of the most popular payment models. Affiliate CPA offers provide affiliates with the chance to earn a set level of commission for achieving the required action from a customer or prospect that they bring to the scheme – and when they achieve this, they earn the promised fee.

A common alternative to CPA advertising is CPC advertising, which stands for “cost per click” – and in this case, the affiliate is paid for each click or visit they generate, rather than per sale, sign-up or capture. CPC advertising is of course easier, because it takes less work to get a visitor to just click on a link than it does to get them to commit to a sale, sign-up or other action – but the pay is much lower too.

CPA internet advertising gives affiliates the best chances of earning high levels of commissions for their work, and while this is harder to achieve, it is also highly profitable when you do succeed.

You can compare the respective commissions offered for CPC and CPA advertising rates by looking at the payment frameworks provided by any affiliate scheme you may be considering, and comparing them like for like against competitors to find the highest paying scheme.

Online advertising CPA

If you want to make money online as an affiliate partner, CPA web advertising is the payment framework that will potentially allow you to earn the most, but you do need to know the basics of how to use online advertising CPA effectively to succeed.

Simply getting a large volume of traffic and a lot of people to see the adverts that you post – known as impressions – is not enough, and nor is just getting people to click on your links and not take any further action. To earn commission with CPA based advertising, you need to be able to bring in relevant, high quality traffic to showcase your ads and promotions, and provide incentives to these visitors to turn their initial interest into the action that is required to achieve a pay-out.

This means doing lots of research into the type of people who might be interested in the goods or services that you are promoting, finding out where to target them, and how to approach them and highlight your offers in the best possible way to make them want to follow through with the action.

Bringing in a lower volume of targeted, good quality traffic as opposed to just gaining a lot of site hits is therefore the key to CPA digital advertising, and in most cases, narrowing down your efforts to personalise and reach out to individuals and specialist niches will be much more effective than simply concentrating on volume and hoping to pick up a couple of acquisitions by chance.

CPA network advertising

There are a huge number of CPA advertising networks on the internet that are always keen to bring in new affiliates to promote their products and services using the cost per action/CPA advertising payment model, so it’s not hard to get started.

If you’re not sure where to start, just Google “CPA advertising” to view some of the many affiliate schemes that work with the CPA payment model, and check out the types of products and services that are available to find one that suits you.

If you are keen to find the most profitable affiliate partnership and make high levels of commission, dating CPA offers and other forms of dating-oriented content tend to pay the most and have the widest potential audience demographics to target, if you are happy working within the niche and are prepared to put the work into promoting it.

Compare commission rates like for like, and make sure that you understand what is required in terms of the “action” you need to achieve in order to earn commission, so that you can determine before you sign up and get to work whether or not you think you will be able to convert interest into income.

When you have found a scheme that suits you, you will be given a variety of links to integrate into your adverts, promotions and content to encourage visitors and push them to perform the desired action, and you should make the best possible use of these to give yourself the best chances of making money.

As with any form of online marketing, it is also vital to your chances of success to use every available channel to promote and showcase your content and reach out to your prospective acquisitions, integrating both mobile CPA and more traditional PC-based CPA banner advertising and links to catch the attention of your prospects where they hang out and browse the web.

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