How to Use Twitter for Affiliate Marketing


There 330 million active users every month on Twitter.

It might not be as big as Facebook however Twitter presents a real opportunity to make money from affiliate marketing. Lots of people make a huge amount of money every month by utilising

Twitter to their advantage however if you want to do the same then you need to approach the platform a bit differently.

To use Twitter for marketing means having an altered mind-set than normal. Twitter is all about being concise, straight to the point and very clear about what you want your followers to do.

After all, you only have 280 characters to get your point across.

We are going to show you the best way to use Twitter for marketing, how you can gain relevant followers and write effective tweets, how you can promote your affiliate marketing links on

Twitter and finally why Twitter is actually really good for selling products and services.

how to use twitter for affiliate marketing

The best way to use Twitter for marketing

Forget about the strategies that you have been using for Facebook and even Instagram for promoting affiliate products and making a commission. Twitter is a different platform entirely.

You only have 280 characters to sell your product. That really isn’t a lot. This is eaten up pretty quickly especially if you post a link on Twitter even if it has been shortened. Why do your followers need the product that you are promoting? What good will it do them? Will it solve their problem? It sounds daunting but in some ways having a very limited amount of text can actually be a good thing. Some affiliate marketers try to put in too much information on Facebook or Instagram and they put potential customers off. With Twitter, you have to sell the product right away and marketing in Twitter can often be more effective.

The best way to use Twitter for marketing is to gain relevant followers which we will show you below, create engaging tweets that make use of images and possibly even video and then promote your tweets which we will also look at later on as well. Affiliate marketing on Twitter is a different challenge but one that can be very worthwhile.

Gaining relevant followers

The great thing about Twitter is that literally anyone can find your profile (unless you set it to private that is). It is an open social network so people don’t have to request to be your friend before they can view your posts.

Before we look at how you can gain relevant followers it is worth mentioning that you should avoid buying followers from the services you see on Fiverr etc… In fact, you should avoid buying followers altogether. Many affiliate marketers think that their account looks more genuine if they have 20k ‘people’ following them. The fact is that buying followers results in a lot of fake accounts or bots that have no interest in what you are trying to promote. A Twitter account with 50k followers and only 1 or 2 likes or retweets when you post something just looks fake.

In order to get relevant and targeted followers you need to be willing to put in the hard work. Start by following accounts in your niche. Retweet relevant tweets that are related to your products, start engaging with other accounts that are connected to your topic and begin conversations with other users.

If you do this and post quality tweets then relevant followers will flock to your profile.

How to promote something on Twitter

So, you have the quality tweets and you have gained a few relevant followers. The next step is to start promoting your tweets and your account on Twitter.

You can set up a Tweet engagement campaign which will promote your tweets to other people’s timelines. You can choose a specific tweet to promote that perhaps has your affiliate link in there or perhaps it doesn’t and you simply want more relevant followers before you begin to send your affiliate link out. This does cost money but you can select your budget and even small budgets can have a fantastic ROI by the amount of people that see your tweet, interact with it, follow you and perhaps even go on to purchase one of your affiliate products.

You can start off slow with promoting something on Twitter and when the engagement rate with your tweets increases you can then expand your promotion to reach out to more users. Promoting a tweet is a good way to gain followers and engagements quickly but ensure that your account has other quality content for your new followers to view.

Affiliate marketing on Twitter

Like every social network that you use for affiliate marketing, you have to think about the long term.

If you simply sign up to Twitter, buy a lot of followers and then begin spamming affiliate links every day we can tell you now that you won’t make any money. Affiliate marketing is a long-term effort and you need to create quality content first and then promote your affiliate links later. Anyone who does the reverse of this just won’t generate any income.

The key, if you want to use Twitter for marketing, is to be as concise as possible. This doesn’t mean using a lot of ‘internet speak’ and acronyms, it means getting straight to the point when you post an update. There is no set rule for how many tweets you should send and how many should feature an affiliate link. When you post a link to Twitter you expect people to click on it but doing this all day, every day will only put people off.

You need to first gain relevant followers from the methods that we mentioned above, start putting out quality content that your followers want to see to increase engagement with likes and retweets and finally spread out your affiliate links.

Twitter can be great for affiliate marketing but you need to rethink your usual strategy and tailor it to this unique social media platform.

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