Voluum Review: How Good is the Affiliate Marketing Tracker?


Tracking your affiliate marketing efforts is important.

How else will you know what is working well and what isn’t? If you don’t track your sales and performance you will have no idea how successful your campaign has been.

When you start out on your affiliate marketing journey you will be beginning on a small scale. The way in which you get bigger is by tracking how you are doing.

In this article, we are going to look at something called Voluum to see if it is worth using to track your campaigns.

voluum affiliate marketing tracker

What is Voluum?

Voluum is a well-known affiliate marketing tracking tool.

It is a cloud-hosted ad tracker that not only allows you to see how well your campaigns are performing but also offers optimisation advice as well. With Voluum tracking you can:

• See how your advertising campaigns are performing
• Analyze the data from these campaigns
• Upscale your affiliate business
• Make your ads more effective

So, Voluum gives you the opportunity to do all these things and sounds like a great help to both experience and newbie affiliate marketers alike. Does it work that well in practice?

What’s good about Voluum?

Voluum has a lot of good points about it.

Not only is it very easy to use especially for those that have never tried an affiliate marketing tracking tool before but it also allows you to run A/B testing for Flows as well as offering an anti-fraud kit which allows you to weed out fake traffic and suspicious clicks.

It is easy to set up campaign tracking with Voluum and they have a super-fast service with 4 data centres that are located on 4 different continents.

Are there any downsides?

Even though Voluum sounds great in theory and works fantastically well in practice, there are a few downsides about using this platform.

One thing is that it is a cloud-based service. It isn’t that this is bad in itself because a whole host of different affiliate marketing tools and other platforms now use a cloud service

which is very secure; it only stores your data for a limited period. This means that if you want to check your campaign performance from over a year ago for example then that isn’t possible.

Some people have also talk about the lack of customer support with these guys too however overall Voluum is a well-known and reputable affiliate marketing tracking tool.

Out verdict on Voluum

Voluum has been around for a long time and is going to be here well into the future. It has built up its name as a reliable and effective affiliate marketing tracking tool.

If you are new to the platform or even new to affiliate marketing tracking then you can look at tips via a Voluum tutorial online to get a better idea of how to track your campaign.

Voluum is a powerful tool and even though it does have some minor drawbacks the positives far outweigh any negatives and it is one of the best affiliate marketing tracking platforms to use in 2019.

Voluum pricing starts at $69 per month for the entry-level package.

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