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What Are the Alternatives to Facebook Ads?


We all know what Facebook is and the chances are that if you are reading this article then you either have an active Facebook account or you have had one in the past.

Great, so now that is out of the way – what are some alternatives to Facebook ads?

Before we get into that we want to first have a look at Facebook ads themselves and then why we are recommending some different social media networks that you can promote your products or services through.

We have chosen 5 social networks below as they are among the most popular. There are different social media platforms that you can also use but these represent the most lucrative.

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How good are Facebook ads?

In 2018 so far, nearly $7 billion has been spent on social media advertising and a big chunk of this has been made up of money spent on Facebook ads.

Many companies and individuals choose to market through Facebook because it is so well-known. The thing about Facebook is that there are so many guides out there that look
exclusively at this social media platform.

Yes, it’s well-known, yes, it is massive and yes, you will probably make money from it but why does it all have to be about Facebook?

Social media alternatives to Facebook

There are a lot of other social media networks out there.

Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and even Reddit to name just a few. They all allow ads (Reddit more recently) so we want to focus a bit more on these platforms rather than just Facebook. While Facebook still represents a great way to reach out to people with ads, focusing on one platform isn’t good idea and instead you should divide your attention to several for the greatest impact.

We have listed some of the other social media sites besides Facebook that you can use to display ads to an audience. These aren’t the only ones and there are other social media platforms that can be used as an alternative to Facebook for advertising as well.

#1 YouTube

YouTube was and often still is controversial. That 5 second ad before you play your video frustrates a lot of people but there is no denying that it is effective.

It works on a cost per view basis and this can range from 10 cents to 30 cents per view. You can set up your campaign by choosing setting your CPV budget, the geo-location you want your ad to appear and this can be optimised further by gender, age, language and even topics and keywords. These ads can allow you to reach a targeted audience on a massive social media network.

#2 Twitter

The microblogging platform can be a great resource to get your ads out there.

You can do this via several methods. Either by having an account, tweet or trend promoted. You know when you see a tweet on your timeline from someone you don’t follow (that isn’t shown a retweet) – yeah, that’s an ad and it’ll say so underneath. Twitter has a large audience and with its concise nature, it makes for a great way to target specific groups of people with your ads. Remember that people who use Twitter want their information quick with as few characters as possible to ensure that your ad reflects this.

#3 Instagram

This isn’t just for beautiful photos that you have jazzed up with a filter, Instagram is great for ads too. Many people make money by sharing their ads on Instagram even if it isn’t about beautiful sunsets and an assortment of food pics.

You can even use in-image calls to action and these ads on Instagram be posts or within stories. It has emerged as one of the main ways in which many businesses or affiliate now advertise and if you are able to snap a few good photos or make an entertaining video then the possibilities are huge.

#4 Snapchat

Another social media platform that has really become popular among advertisers. While some people are put off by its purely mobile nature if you want to target a younger demographic then 71% of Snapchat users are under 34.

Snapchat ads can be used as ads shown between snaps, sponsored geofilters or even lenses. The good thing about Snapchat is you don’t need to create a big long elaborate advertisement – it just needs to be short, entertaining and a few seconds long.

#5 Pinterest

Finally, we have Pinterest which, like Instagram, is great if you can create beautiful content online.

An ad on Pinterest is just a promoted pin but it gives a great way to reach a large number of people in a short space of time. One of the most attractive things about Pinterest ads is that they are uninstructive, unlike some other platforms. They blend into the natural look of the site and over 70% of users say ads make for a better experience.

Advertising outside of Facebook

The world doesn’t evolve around Facebook although in many ways it can often seem like that.

The best advice is when it comes to advertising online is not to throw all your eggs in one basket. You need to diversify your social media advertising other a multitude of different platforms to reach the biggest audience. Not everyone is one Twitter and some people who are interested in your ads and the services you offer might only be on Snapchat or even Instagram.

Unless your business is solely suited to one social media platform for whatever reason, you need to use a few to ensure that your advertising is effective.

The social media networks that we have listed here can be used as alternatives to Facebook ads. We aren’t saying don’t use Facebook ad’s because that might lose a big chunk of your audience but just these platforms offer a whole new audience that you otherwise might be missing.

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