What are the Best Adult WordPress Themes in 2018?


The adult niche within affiliate marketing is massive.

There are a ton of different ways in which you can make money working in this sector and linking up with adult affiliate programs.

If you do want to make money within this niche then you need a good adult WordPress theme. WordPress is a super easy way to build a website that not only functions well but looks great too.

Before we show you the best WordPress themes for adult content we need to look at what an adult WordPress theme needs.

best adult templates and mobile wordpress themes

What does an adult WordPress theme need?

#1 Vivacious colours

Many people see adult websites have consisting of a lot of dark colours. This is usually blacks and reds however vibrant colours are a great way for your adult site to look appealing.

Light and minimalist designs are the new trend in web design and also WordPress too. Look at all the colours of the rainbow and incorporate some that you wouldn’t normally associate with an adult WordPress website.

#2 Dominate typeface

The font and typography that you use is vital to the design of a good webpage.

Choose typography that is dominate and larger than usual. These have shown to perform really well when it comes to adult sites. Don’t just go for the norm but instead choose something that stands out a bit. Be careful though, no-one wants to read a website in comic sans so choose something that is elegant, striking but yet a little understated.

#3 Storytelling copy

Your website copy is ultimately what will sell your affiliate offers. Whether it is buying products or signing up to a dating site, your copy needs to be strong.

Telling a story entices people in and keeps their attention. That adult niche is full of stories to tell so formulate a creative piece of copy to go alongside your striking typeface and colourful design.

#4 Enticing images

The final part of adult web templates is the images. You want enticing images that don’t give too much away but are suggestive enough to get people interested.

There are a lot of adult stock images out there that you can use to get everything up and running on your adult affiliate marketing site. Use them a lot to compliment your content.

Best adult web templates for WordPress

Now that we have looked at what an adult WordPress site should look like, what are the best templates to use?

#1 Stylepark

This is marketed as a fashion theme but remember we were talking about vibrant and vivid colours earlier? This theme provides that.

It is perfect for an adult website due to its bright colours, focus on large images and the fact that it is an all-round solid theme to use. You can incorporate a lot handy widgets into this theme and if you are focusing on a long-term SEO strategy – like every affiliate marketer should – then this is ready made to optimize your digital space.

#2 Energetic Cheerleaders

If you are running an adult tube site then this is the theme that you need to get.

Suggestive, erotic and with Parallax effect this adult WordPress theme is perfect. It has all the features you need to set up an adult site and run videos on it. It’s red and white default colour are perfect for what you need.

#3 EasyTube

Another website theme that is perfect for setting up an adult tube site. If you want something that looks like YouTube but offers fast access to adult content then this is it.

With a loading speed of under 2 seconds and a lot of on-site tools for engagement this is one of the hottest WordPress themes out there. With a community approach and straightforward but effective design it will give you a solid base to work from in the adult niche.

Best templates for WordPress adult sites

These are some of the top themes you can use for WordPress if you want to set up an adult site. In fact, they are test mobile WordPress themes for adult content on the web at the minute.

Adult sites always have the impression of being dark and gloomy however the new age of web design is quickly changing that. Modern adult sites have a light and enticing appearance with a lot of different colours and features.

There is also a lot of money to be made within the adult niche. It is a goldmine and everyone can find a sub-part of this sector and make money. With these adult WordPress themes you can create an effective, popular and profitable adult niche site that is not only good from a practical aspect but that also looks great as well.

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