What are the Best Affiliate Revenue Models to Use in 2018?


Making money online has never been as straightforward as it is these days..

That isn’t to say that you will definitely make money but there are more options out there now than ever before. In fact, you could be one of the many people who are killing it in the online marketing world.

If you are new to all this then you are probably wondering where to even start? How do you choose an affiliate revenue model that will work for you? There are so many affiliate marketing revenue models that you can build a career from and we are going to show you some of the best affiliate business opportunities for 2018 and beyond.

what is an affiliate revenue model

What is an affiliate revenue model?

First, we need to explain what an affiliate revenue model actually is.

An affiliate marketing revenue model is basically just a system that allowed you to make money online. At a basic level it isn’t as complicated as many people would have you believe and we are going to break down each model later on in this guide.

So, these affiliate models could be affiliate marketing, subscriptions, generating revenue through ads or even sponsorship on a website. Whatever the process or model is, it is designed to make you money.

Affiliate marketing model explained

The first revenue model definition that we are going to explain is affiliate marketing as it is the one that you have probably heard about the most.

Affiliate marketing is actually an incredibly easy concept. You sign up to an affiliate program (such as Amazon, affiliate networks or a large retailer) and then you send people to these products through your affiliate link. If they buy the product then you earn an affiliate commission which can range in percentage depending on the company, retailer or the item in question. It can be a long process from taking the first baby steps into affiliate marketing to actually earning a decent amount of money. Think about it like a long term strategy as opposed to something where you want to get paid in a matter of weeks,

This is one of the main ways in which people make their money online and it has been around for years and years and years! That being said, it isn’t the only affiliate model that you can use to generate income and we are going to explore some more options.

Subscription affiliate model

The subscription affiliate model is often overlooked but it is one of the best affiliate revenue model examples that you can use.

Think of the things that you pay a monthly or yearly subscription to. This could be Netflix or some software such as Photoshop. It could also be to gain access to premium content on a blog about affiliate marketing and making money online. The point is that you pay a fixed amount of money every so often for access.

Focusing on this model is great for long-term income from affiliate marketing and it is one of the most scalable strategies out there as well.

There is so much out there than is either currently offered on a subscription basis or could be offered on a subscription basis so if you do
want to go down this route there are many options to choose from as an affiliate.

Ad-based revenue model

If you have the stuff to sell then you need to have a way of promoting this. You can’t just sit and hope the masses come to you – you need to take the product to the masses!

There is a lot of money to be made through advertising revenue. Whether it is being paid to display an ad on your digital space or you are acting as an affiliate media buyer for a retailer, an ad-based revenue model can bring you a lot of success.

The great thing about this model is that it is so varied. It can include standard banner and pop up advertisements or it can be geo-ads that appear based on a user’s location or even their search history.

Increasing earnings with sponsorship

If you already run a website or blog then increasing your earnings with sponsorship posts and updates is another successful method. Some people will be wondering how do e-businesses generate revenue streams and sponsorship can play a big part in this.

One thing to be aware of is that paid reviews are frowned upon and in fact can be argued are illegal in the USA. You can often spot a paid review once you get to know what they look like, however, they are a trick used to deceive would-be buyers. Sponsored content like the examples we have given here of blogs and website content is fine and is one of many ways in which you can generate income online.

The best affiliate business opportunities

In this short guide, we have shown some of the most popular ways in which people make money. Whether you are starting out with an Amazon affiliate revenue model, getting into media buying or PPC or even allowing sponsored content on your website, you can generate income online.

There are loads of website revenue models out there that you can use by themselves or in combination with each other. Remember that, for the most part, these models take time to build up and implement properly. You won’t go from $0 income to $1000 a week within a month – well you aren’t likely to anyway

Play the medium to long game with affiliate marketing models. If you take the right approach, face everything sensibly and have a clear plan in place then the chances that you will succeed are going to be very high indeed.

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