What Are the Best Affiliate WordPress Themes for 2018?


Creating a website has never been easier and with an abundance of affordable web hosts and domain providers literally anyone can set up their digital space.

For just a few dollars you can have a website with a professional domain name set up in a few hours. It really is that easy to do however a proper WordPress theme will set you apart from the rest of the crowd – which is what you want as a marketer!

The problem that many affiliate marketers come across is that they don’t choose the right theme or use a reputable CMS to build and manage their site. Some are better than others however in this guide we are going to look at WordPress.

what wordpress theme do you use for affiliate marketing

Why use WordPress themes for affiliate marketing?

There are a number of reasons why WordPress works well for affiliate marketing websites and you can build a profitable business using this CMS.

The main reason that so many people use WordPress is because it is so easy to use and maintain. It doesn’t take long to set up and learn the basics of WordPress and with the abundance of both free and paid website templates; you can have a beautiful looking site in hours (or even less!)

10 Affiliate templates for WordPress

So, with that in mind we are going to have a look at 10 of the very best WordPress affiliate website templates that you can use to catch your visitors’ attention. Some are free and others will cost a few dollars.

#1 GrowthPress

GrowthPress is a multi-use affiliate template that is great for affiliate sites.

It is not only just beautifully designed with a clean look but it also brings together a load of features that are perfect for affiliates. For example, you can create sales pages, capture leads with ease and it has a drag and drop page builder.

The theme costs $79 and comes with 6 months support.

#2 Steady Income

This theme offers all the features you expect from an affiliate template and allows you to post updates, capture leads while visitors can share content really easily.

Its responsive design means that it adapts to any device and it also offers ad revenue optimisation features as well.

Steady Income usually costs $69 but it is currently on sale for $59 which includes support and updates for 12 months.

#3 Marketing Expert

This is one of the first WordPress themes that have been aimed specifically at marketers.

The warm and inviting colour scheme, responsive ready design and host of marketing features such as social buttons, ability to capture leads and create impressive pages means that it is tailor made for affiliates.

You can get Marketing Expert for $59 which includes 6 months support and updates.

#4 Doo

Doo is a simplistic website but it is its basic nature that means it is so good.

If you want a very straight to the point WordPress affiliate theme that comes with a lot of customisable features and is compatible with all the usual plugins then this is it. One thing to note is that it doesn’t come with WooCommerce as standard.

You can get Doo for $59 and you’ll receive 12 months support.

#5 Schema

Marketed as the fastest loading SEO WordPress theme, Schema is perfect if you care about speed (and you should!).

The clean layout and 100% responsive design and built in review system means that Schema is perfect as template and it is one of the best WordPress themes for affiliate marketing.

Get Schema for $59 (normally $69).

#6 Comre

If you have an affiliate marketing site or a coupon website and want to upgrade to a great theme then Comre is for you.

It isn’t the best theme on this list and it first glance it doesn’t massively stand out however it is a nice, clean and basic affiliate theme which will help you make more sales.

Comre costs $69 with 6 months support.

#7 Jevelin

This multipurpose theme can be used for anything but it is especially suited to affiliate marketers.

With a host of customisation features, beautiful layout and compatibility with the plugins you need, Jevelin is a highly recommended affiliate website template.

Get Jevelin for $59.

#8 Metro Magazine

This is one of 2 free themes on our list. While Metro Magazine has a premium option, if you are happy with the basic layout then you can get this without any cost and it has great features for affiliate marketers.

It is very user-friendly and offers good space for ad placement too.

9# Yosemite

A clean and elegant design that has been inspired by Apple’s Yosemite OSX, this is another theme that gets straight to the point and is designed for maximum effectiveness.

It is really easy to post updates and create beautiful pages with this theme and you will find your engagement rate rise due to its layout.

Use Yosemite on sale for $59.

#10 Ready Review

Eager to find a WordPress review theme to post information about your affiliate products?

Ready Review offers this for free and it is a clean theme that is great for niche sites. The best part is that Ready Review is completely free!

WordPress affiliate themes for 2018

These 10 themes have been chosen because they fantastic potential for affiliate marketers.

Beyond their elegant design they also incorporate various affiliate marketing tools and you can use functional paid and free WordPress affiliate plugins with these themes as well. Some can be sued for a variety of different purposes while others are very much affiliate focused which means you don’t have to spend as much time setting them up.

We are also eager to learn about how everyone is doing here at TopOffers so what WordPress theme do you use for affiliate marketing? Have you ever used any of the themes on the list? Do you think they are useful?

Let us know your thoughts!

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