What are the Best Facebook Ads Courses Online?


Facebook ads can be a very powerful way in which you can reach out to a targeted audience.

Using advertising online is a much quicker method to get your links and offers to a specific group. While techniques such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) are still important as a longer term strategy, paid ads are a much better way to get quick clicks.

In this guide we are going to show you what Facebook ads are and what the five best Facebook marketing courses are for 2019.

best facebook ads course

What are Facebook ads?

If you use Facebook – which is billions of people – then you will have seen a Facebook ad at some point.

Not only do many people use this social networking platform but with Facebook ads you can really get your offers out to a very targeted group of people. Even if you have some capital to start you off it can be very confusing when you are in the beginning stages of creating a campaign.

As a guideline, Facebook ads have an average cost of $1.86 with CPC (cost per click) and $11.20 for CPM (cost per thousand views). This can vary due to a number of factors but this is a good baseline to use.

Best Facebook ads course

We’re going to show you the top Facebook advertising courses and classes that you can take this year.

#1 Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Mastery Guide

This is the best Facebook ads courses in 2019 as it has absolutely everything you need to understand and start implementing ads on the social media site. This video course has had over 90,000 people enrol so far and it consists of 14 hours of learning.

The course itself covers:

• Lead Generation Ads
• Remarketing/Retargeting Ads
• Dynamic Ads (for ecommerce)
• Instagram Advertising
• Facebook Messenger Ads

Not only do you get all of this but you also get lifetime access to the lectures, a chance to ask questions and a certificate when you complete the course.

#2 Facebook Pixel Quickstart

This course is now included in the Reverse Your Funnel Launchpad and provides an in depth look at Facebook ads and Facebook Pixel.

By purchasing this course you get valuable information about:

• Facebook ads manager
• Being able to set up and use Facebook Pixel effectively
• How to target campaigns to the right people
• Knowledge to know what works and what doesn’t

With this Facebook ads class you can learn the ins and outs of using Facebook ads while getting all the knowledge you need to put it into practice.

#3 Facebook Blueprint

Next on our list of Facebook advertising training is the Facebook Blueprint.

This course is actually developed by Facebook themselves and has a ton of great content and information so you can feel confident about starting a Facebook ad campaign.

Some of the things that are covered are:

• How to target specific audiences
• Promoting via Facebook ads
• How to increase online and in-store sales
• Choosing the best ad formats
• Optimising ads and monitoring their performance

If you want to learn about ads from the social media giant itself then the Facebook ad Blueprint is definitely up there with the very best.

#4 Facebook Coaching: Master Class

This course by John Loomer focuses primarily on evergreen campaigns so that you can set Facebook ads up to last a while.

The good thing about this Facebook ads class is that you get some great tips on how to:

• Optimise your ads for evergreen success
• Create both simple and more complex campaigns
• How to use techniques to get better results

You also get continual support as you embark on your Facebook ad manager journey.

#5 Free Facebook Course for Beginners

The final course we have on our list is a free Facebook advertising training program that is delivered through LinkedIn.

Developed by strategiest Megan Adams, this straightforward course will take you through all the important points of how to set up and manage ad campaigns on Facebook.

You will learn how to:

• Identify your audience
• Set budgets and goals
• How to use different types of Facebook ads

At the end you get a Facebook ad certification so everyone knows that you have completed the course.

Facebook advertising training for marketing success

Online ads can be very powerful and they are a great way in which you can reach a very targeted audience in a short space of time.

In fact, ads can be implemented right away and you can start getting views and clicks almost instantly.

With these Facebook advertising classes you can before a master at how to use this social media giant to get conversions and most importantly you can make money. Whatever Facebook courses you choose you can be sure to have all the knowledge you need to use this for marketing success.

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