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What Are The Top SaaS Affiliate Programs?


Finding the right affiliate program can be a real challenge.

There are so many out there that it is easy to feel lost and confused by it all.

What niche do you want to operate in? Is it profitable? Is there even an affiliate marketing model that fits your needs?

These are all hard questions and it is one of the reasons that 95% of affiliate marketers fail every year. In this short guide we are going to look at something called SaaS and what the benefits of using this affiliate marketing model are. We’ll also show you the top SaaS affiliate programs too.

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What is Saas?

SaaS stands for Software as a Service.

It is a business model that offers licenced software through cloud. So, instead of businesses having to use a disc to install software, it is all hosted on the cloud and doesn’t have a set up period, offers 24/7 support and doesn’t have a licensing fee. Updates are easy too because it isn’t locally stored.

The market itself is huge. SaaS products are worth over $90 billion in today’s market.

So, what are the benefits of being a SaaS affiliate?

What are the benefits of SaaS?

From an affiliate perspective there are several advantages to working within the SaaS niche.

The majority of SaaS providers offer a free trial of their service. This is a great way in which to turn a lead into a full-blown conversion as they can test the product out themselves without parting with any money at the beginning. SaaS affiliates also get the benefits of long-term cookies and the products themselves are highly attractive to businesses. As one of the many b2b affiliate programs out there, SaaS is often the most advantageous to affiliates.

What are the top SaaS affiliate programs?

Now that you know what SaaS is and why it is a good choice as a potential affiliate, what are the best SaaS affiliate programs on the market?

#1 Bluehost

You’ve probably heard of Bluehost at some point. The web hosting giant paid out over $5 million to affiliates last year.

Not only will you be marketing and sending leads on behalf of a reputable company but you also get to sign up in just a few minutes to receive your tracking code, various tracking tools and also support from their staff. They paid a $65 commission rate and it is one of the most popular Software as a Service affiliate programs that you can make an income from.

#2 Freshbooks

This is an accountancy program that helps to make billing for small businesses easier.

Affiliates earn $5 per free trial sign up and then $55 per sale. As an affiliate you get support from a dedicated affiliate team as well as extended cookies as well.

There is a $50 minimum level that you need to earn before pay out however Freshbooks offers one of the most successful SaaS affiliate programs online.

#3 Zesty.io

Zesty.io is a CMS services that uses cloud technology to make digital content easier to manage by reducing IT overheads.

There are options for both agency and technology partners through their SaaS affiliate program. They might not be as well-known as the first two on this list but it can be a lucrative Saas program and contribute to your affiliate marketing growth.

#4 OhoShop

For online businesses, OhoShop provides both iOS and Android apps for e-commerce.

As an SaaS affiliate you receive a marketing kit as well as other creatives, training to sell products and offers 20% commission and then ongoing payments for each referral. You also get 10% for each customer renewal that you initially referred.

#5 Contactous

This is one of the easiest and most straightforward SaaS affiliate programs as you are paid $200 per new customer.

Contactous enters data from registration forms and business cards onto a CRM so you can access the information. You are paid after 2 months of customer payment and with a high set commission rate you can turn it into a very lucrative venture.

An affiliate marketing model based on SaaS

There are many reasons why you should become a SaaS affiliate.

Like any affiliate marketing venture the hard part for you is marketing and getting leads. The great thing about SaaS products and services is that they generally offer a free trial which is one of the most popular methods to get people to become full-blown conversions. In fact, many SaaS businesses pay you an amount just to get people to sign up to a trial period.

The 5 SaaS businesses we have listed are among the best that you can join as an affiliate and once you realise how profitable it can be to work in this niche you will wonder why you’ve ignored it for so long.

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