What is a Call to Action?


How do you get people to sign up to your website, buy your affiliate offers or convert to your marketing plan?

Through a call to action of course!

You are probably wondering what a call to action is. Don’t worry, because you aren’t alone. There are many people out there asking ‘whats a call to action?’ and it is actually very straightforward. We are going to show you what a call to action is, how it works and also show you some tips for making a killer call to action that is effective and converts.

marketing call to action best words and phrases

Let’s define a call to action

You might also know a call to action as CTA and at a basic level, it is a marketing trick to ensure that whoever is reading your blog, website or landing page do what you want them to.

It is generally very short, uses imperative verbs and is designed to have an instant response.

You know when you are looking at a landing page and there is a button that says something like ‘Try it now for free’ or ‘get your copy now’? That’s a call to action. It doesn’t even need to be a button it can be a line of text or some text over an image. The point is that it galvanises the reader into doing something.

Types of the call to action that you can use

Before we get into different tips and tricks that can be used to make an effective marketing call to action, what different types can you use? There are loads of call to action examples out there and we have ways in which you can use CTA.

#1 A Simple Button

We mentioned this above.

All those ‘Read more’, ‘Start your 14-day free trial’ etc… are all call to actions that work really well. They are simple, straight to the point and the button is often a vibrant colour that really stands out.

Sometimes simplicity is best and a call to action button that provides a basic route for the reader to go on can increase conversions and sales. It is the reason why you see so many of them about and why this method has been around for so long – it just works.

#2 Lead Generation

This often works best as a sidebar on your website.

Essentially you are giving something away for free – an eBook, guide or directory for example – if that person hands over the contact details. This can be used to generate leads and make sales further down the line.

The call to action is that they need to sign up to get their free gift. If the offer is a good one – which it should be! – then they will have no problem with doing this. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a sidebar and it could be a box at the end of an article or even a floating banner.

#3 Basic text

Calls to action can also just be text with a link.

If the copy is persuasive enough then you don’t need any fancy images, buttons or lead generation efforts to achieve this. You CTA is old fashioned. It’s just text that you know will convert and with a simple text link, people will start clicking and signing up or buying your products or affiliate products without a lot of glitz and glamour on your website.

Great marketing call to action tips

#1 Straight to the point

Seriously, don’t beat around the bush when it comes to your call to action. Even if it is just a simple button or a paragraph at the end of a blog post, get straight to the point.

Our attention spans are short enough these days with the wealth of information that is available to us online so we don’t want to spend ages reading through a long-winded CTA.

#2 Focus on the color

If you are using a button for your call to action then get it right.

You want it to stand out but not too much! A green button on a yellow background is never going to win you friends however if you get the colour scheme right then you can make your CTA button prominent and convince people to click on it. There is a fine line between standing out too much and blending in but with practice (and maybe some A/B testing) you will get it right.

#3 Test, Test, Test

Speaking of A/B testing, test your call to actions.

Set up several different ones and see what performs better. You can easily do an A/B split test where one person on your site see’s one CTA and someone else sees another. After a while of doing this, you will have a much better idea of what one works.

#4 Be Convincing

It might sound obvious but a good call to action has to use convincing language. Verbs are your friend here. You don’t want a call to action that begs the reader to do someone you want one that tells them why they should do something.

Many people fail with the calls to action because they aren’t convincing enough.

An effective call to actions and getting results

When it comes to a marketing call to action there are a lot of mistakes you can make and a lot of things you might do wrong but don’t worry! This is all part of the learning process.

Creating convincing and effective calls to action takes time and experience but with proper testing and the tips that we have showed you here then you will perfect it in no time. With a convincing CTA your landing page is going to be pretty ineffective so it is one of the most important components. You can have all the fancy images and great copy you want but without a call to action that has been tailored and specifically tweaked to gain maximum results then you won’t get may clicks, conversions or sales.

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