What is a Marketing Message?


Getting the right message across to your audience is paramount to being successful in business.

Whether you are an affiliate marketer trying to make some money online or you are a small or medium sized business hoping to experience growth, your marketing message is vital. You have probably came here wondering ‘what is a marketing message?’ and the great news is that we are not only going to tell you what it is but also what the different components are of an effective one.

A marketing message is straightforward in theory and there are different types. It is there to influence your customers. They are coming to you because they have a problem and they need it solved. You can make their life easier but sending the wrong message can have a massively negative impact on your business.

The message needs to grab their attention and show them that they can trust you.

So, what is the core of a marketing message and how do you create one?

creating an advertising message: key components

Creating an advertising message

We are going to show you 5 components of a marketing message so that you can get an edge over your competitors.

#1 Straight to the point

People don’t want to read 100 words then 10 words will tell them the same thing.

Cut out all the excess from your marketing messages. In this day and age when people consume so much information every single day, we don’t want to read big long paragraphs on why the product or service you offer is so good. Keep it simple and make it straight to the point because this will be a much more successful approach than writing a mini essay.

#2 Good messages are informal

Many people make the mistake of being too formal in their messages. They try to adopt a ‘professional’ approach where oftentimes the most informal and casual marketing messages work the best.

Relax, take the shackles off and let loose with your marketing message especially if you are trying to promote yourself to the general public. While business to business messages may need to be slightly more formal, marketing to customers means you can be more casual in your language.

#3 They’re original too

Don’t just copy what other marketers are doing with their messages, be original!

This is the way in which you will stand out from the crowd. Creating an original and exciting marketing message for your products and services is what customers will remember. Don’t just follow the rest because if you want to be successful as an affiliate marketer or even to promote your business then you need to take an original approach to marketing.

#4 Showcase your results

A marketing message gives you the chance to demonstrate why your product or service will help an individual or business improve.

This is your opportunity to showcase your results. Don’t just tell people why what you offer will benefit them, show them! Will it cut the time they spend doing a certain task? Demonstrate to them the actual outcomes of what you’re selling – this will improve your conversions.

#5 Demonstrate why you’re different

Ok, so you have an original marketing message but why are you actually different than everyone else?

Use your marketing message to show your customers that you aren’t just another face in the crowd but your approach and what you sell is different. Do you offer a different perspective on a particular problem? Tell them that and communicate why your solution is better than anyone else’s out there.

Key messages and marketing examples

Your marketing message gives you the opportunity to showcase your business, why you are different and what you can offer.

There are lots of marketing message examples out there particularly when it comes to email marketing. You can learn from the way that other people and businesses have begun creating an advertising message. Remember that you want to be different. You don’t want to get lost in a sea of other affiliates or businesses that are doing the same thing you are. Many markets can be very saturated and it can seem impossible to break into many sectors.

The truth is that you can make money within any niche online. Some will be harder than others and some will take a lot more work than other industries but you can make money. By following the 5 components that we outlined here you can create a unique, powerful and ultimately profitable marketing message that is going to propel your venture from one that is lost in a sea of other businesses to the forefront of your niche.

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