What is a Prelander in Affiliate Marketing?


Getting people to convert to your offers is the bread and butter of affiliate marketing, right?

This is how you make money. In the US the affiliate marketing sector is worth just under $7 billion and while many people think that this presents ample opportunity to make money (and it does) it isn’t as easy as putting up an affiliate link and hoping for the best.

In this short guide, we are going to look at the definition of a prelander and the 4 essential steps to optimizing your landing pages.

importance of prelander for affiliates

What is a prelander?

The prelander meaning is easy.

So, you know how your affiliate link goes to the offer page where someone can buy the product or service you are an affiliate with? What comes before that? A prelander is your chance to convert someone who might be in between making a purchase or not. Sending them straight to the offer page to spend money might put them off. Maybe they need a bit of convincing first?

While some people look at a prelander as another step in the process where a potential customer can fall out of the sales route, it is necessary in many cases so you can turn
potential conversions into real conversions.

Is a prelander right for you?

It depends.

In some cases going straight to the purchase page through an affiliate link is fine. In other cases people need a bit more convincing.

Look at your stats. If you have a high number of people converting who go straight to the purchase page then do you really need a prelander? Maybe you still do because there might
be a chunk of conversions that you are missing by not having one.

What we are getting at is that even if you don’t think you need a prelander, test one anyway to see how it performs.

When it comes to appeal to a mobile audience then prelanders convert very well on mobile devices so if you aren’t seeing a big number of mobile user conversions then consider implementing a prelander.

4 steps to creating lander landing pages

When creating a prelander for affiliate marketing there are some steps to take so that it is optimised for maximum profit.

#1 Calls to action

An effective prelander will have a very clear and straight to the point call to action.

This is imperative to ensure that people convert to your offers and click on the affiliate link that will take them through to the purchase page. There are various strategies that can make your call to action one that gets results and ensures that the traffic on your prelander doesn’t drop out of the buying process and instead follows it all the way through to the purchase page.

#2 Catchy look

Your prelander needs to look good as well.

A successful prelander is as much about making sure it looks nice to your audience as it is about the content. We consume that much information online every day that our brains can shut off if we come across something that is going to be challenging or difficult to read. Much of this is down to the design. If it doesn’t look good or has an odd colour scheme then we aren’t going to read it.

#3 Consider different steps

This works really well for dating offers.

If your prelander has very simple steps that aren’t massively time-consuming then you can really increase the engagement of the traffic that comes onto your prelander page. It doesn’t just have to be a dating offer but this is where they are most commonly used.

#4 Quick loading times

Finally, your prelander should load up really quick.

Even a few extra seconds can have a big impact on your conversion rate so make sure that your landing pages load at a rapid speed. There are a lot of different things you can do which will help to reduce loading times and shaving off a couple of seconds may see your conversion rate soar.

Making profit with prelander pages

Prelanders can serve a valuable purpose in the chain between someone seeing an ad or something else with your offer and ultimately buying that product or service.

Some people don’t need a prelander to be convinced to make a purchase, however, there are a lot of people out there who do need a nudge in the right direction. A properly formatted and optimised prelander can be invaluable in making a sale.

Test out different strategies and techniques to see what works best for you. If you use our 4 steps to a successful prelander for affiliate marketing then you will not only get more clicks and conversions but you will make more profit as a result.

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