What is a Push Notification and How Does It Work?


We’re all used to having notifications pop up on our smartphone or mobile device.

This is markedly different than the situation previously. Even when you had the ability to check emails for example on your phone, you still had to log into your email account and check them manually – you didn’t receive a notification that you had a new email.

Then along came something called push notifications.

Push notifications play a major role for advertisers

What is a push notification?

A push notification is essentially an alert that is sent to someone’s smartphone or tablet (it can also work on laptops or desktops). For example, when you have an email you’ll receive a push notification telling you that you have a new email in your inbox.

Push notifications have been around for a while – Apple began the revolution for it with apps back in 2009 however Blackberry were using push notifications for email away back in 2003.

Push ads are essentially alerts like notifications but, you guessed it, they are advertising promoting a product or service.

3 elements of push ads

So, when it comes to using push ads there are 3 different parts of the ad that you need to focus on.

#1 Push Title

This is generally capped at 30 characters which isn’t much at all! In fact, that last sentence was 66 characters so you really have to be extra concise and straight to the point.

Your title should clearly promote your product or service while really grabbing the attention of the user. This is the first thing that they will see so if it isn’t loud, attention grabbing and clear you will lose people before they even get to the description.

#2 Push Description

This is the ‘meat on the bones’ as it were when it comes to push ads.

You don’t have much room here either because the push description is generally limited to 40 characters but it does give you some space to expand on the title. Again, keep it clear, concise and with a strong CTA (call to action). Emoji’s can work well here too depending on the context.

#3 Push Banner

This is one of the great things about push ads. A push banner is a 360px X 240px image that hovers above the notification itself. It allows you to really make your push ad stand out and it is clickable too so the user can easily get to where you want them to go.

Why are push notifications important for advertisers?

Push notifications play a major role for advertisers and there are many reasons as to why they are used extensively.

Some of the main benefits of push notifications include:

• A high level of user engagement
• Re-engaging and retaining users
• Targeting certain users
• A high rate of conversion
• Easily trackable to monitor your advertising progress

Push notifications aren’t new but the way in which they are being used is changing and for advertisers it is another avenue that you can use to reach out to a wide demographic of people.

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