What is a Smartlink?


Affiliate marketing isn’t easy.

We’ve all seen the ‘ads’ talking about how if you sign up to a service you’ll know all the secrets about affiliate marketing and you’ll be ready to start in minutes.

The fact is that 95% of would-be affiliate marketers fail and there are many reasons for this. One of these reasons is simply that it requires a lot of work and when someone doesn’t see results right away they’ll just give up.

So, with that in mind we are going to explore something called a smartlink to show you first what it is and how, if used properly, it can really help to get you more conversions and cut down on your workload.


What is smartlink?

When you create an advertising campaign you probably don’t have just one offer especially if you are targeting traffic all over the world.


Well, by just providing one offer you are going to exclude a big number of people. Maybe your offer only applies to people in the UK and the US but what about the people in France and Germany who are highly lucrative geos? Or what about the device the person is using? If you just target iOS users then you are going to be missing out on the huge Android traffic.

A smartlink works by detecting several things about the person that clicks on the link – their location, device, operating system etc… – and diverts them to the right offer.

Benefits for affiliate marketers

There are quite a few benefits for affiliate marketers when it comes to using smartlinks.

The main one is that you just have one single URL for all your offers. This means you don’t need to create many for people in different countries, using different devices or different operating systems. This cuts down on your own work and also, smartlinks have been proven to have a 25% ROI when used too.

So, you have a single smartlink for mobile, desktop etc.. and for all the different countries and operating systems out there. When a user clicks on it, the link simply diverts them to the relevant offer based on their circumstances.

Using a smartlink properly

Smartlinks have the power to make you money and they also take a lot of the effort out of setting up campaigns.

That isn’t to say that they make the whole process easy. There is still a lot of work to be done both in the initial stages and also on a regular basis. That being said, with a smartlink you can divert people to the most profitable offers based on where they are located, what device they use and many more variables.

There are many smartlink networks out there and you can easily incorporate this really neat feature into your affiliate marketing efforts. By taking some time to set these campaigns up properly you can get people to your offers more efficiently and make more money as a result.

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