What is Direct Response Marketing?


Many businesses and individuals use something called ‘direct response marketing’ as one of their main sales techniques.

We’ll have a look at some of the benefits of this later on but one of the main advantages is that you don’t have to wait a long time to measure your results. As opposed to awareness-raising or brand marketing which is more of a long term strategy – direct response advertising is designed to have an immediate impact.

The whole idea behind it is that you have a strong call to action such as having someone opt into your email list, buy a product, call your business or even head to your website as a result of your advertising campaign.

So, let’s look at some of the main features of direct response advertising.

what is direct response marketing

Features of direct response advertising

There are three main elements of this type of marketing and any promotion that uses direct response will need to have these features included.

#1 Your offer

Before you ask someone to take action you need to have an offer in the first place.

This is the product that you are selling but it consists of a combination of different things which can also include:

● The guarantee associated with the product
● Shipping and handling
● Trial periods and ‘try before you buy’
● The quantity that the customer can buy
The idea behind direct response marketing is for a consumer to get hooked in by the offer at the first stage which then leads them onto the second – the specific information about the product.

#2 The details

Your direct response ad needs to be detailed enough so that your call to action is, well, acted upon.

If this is a totally new product or you are new to the market then more information is required. There are differing opinions on how long you actually have to capture someone’s attention. It ranges from 2.7 seconds to 4 seconds to slightly longer but the key is that you don’t have very long at all.

This is why you need to have the details that will make someone take action right at the start of your ad. If you don’t then the chances are that they will lose interest pretty quickly.

#3 Your call to action

There are many different techniques that you can use which will help to boost your call to action and overall direct response marketing campaign.

Your call to action is what you want the person who sees the ad to do. This can be contacting you by email, phone or visiting your website, signing up to your email list, downloading a free trial or it can even be buying the product outright.

Having a clear call to action and a response means that you will be compelling the viewer to do what you want. This comes with a combination of your offer, the information about why they need it and then what you want them to do.

Why should you use direct response marketing?

There are several different reasons why you should use this form of advertising in your campaigns.

#1 You’ll see immediate results

As this type of marketing is geared towards seeing results (whether good or bad) right away, this one of the key benefits.

Rather than having to wait weeks or months to see if your campaign is working out, you can have this information pretty much right away. Sales or other conversions (email sign-ups, free trials sold etc.) can be found out immediately giving you much better information about your overall campaign.

#2 You can target the right audiences

Other forms of marketing such as brand awareness tend to be set up so as many people as possible see your ads. This is because you want to raise your brand profile so the more people that see it the better.

With direct response marketing, you are really targeting people who are likely to respond to your call to action positively. This means you can target your ads to specific demographics and groups of people who already have an interest in what you are selling.

#3 You will open up direct communication with customers

By implementing this type of campaign you will open up direct communication with your customers and clients.

You are compelling them to take action not simply boosting the awareness of your brand. It means you can reach customers and prospective customers right away so you can start to build up your relationships with these people.

Direct response marketing campaigns

With direct response advertising you can reach out to a targeted group of people and you’ll see the results from this campaign right away.

You won’t have to wait days, weeks or even months to see how well your campaign is doing because this type of advertising produces pretty much immediate results.

It is a pretty simple method of reaching out to people. With an offer, the information required to make people pay attention and finally a strong call to action, direct response marketing can be mightily effective.

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