What is Email Affiliate Marketing & How Can You Make Money?


Getting clicks on your affiliate links can be a challenge.

You have your affiliate products all picked out and your landing pages are looking great – how do you get people to visit them?

OK, so you have a website and you can do some SEO and point paid ads to your pages but there is another way – email affiliate marketing. You’re probably wondering what we mean by affiliate marketing through email, CPA email marketing and how you can make money with this method but don’t worry! We are going to explain all of this and more in this short guide.

So, let’s start with the basics.

how to send affiliate emails

What is affiliate marketing through email?

It’s pretty much what it means – sending out your affiliate link to different email addresses.

This is a really direct way of getting people to buy affiliate products. Rather than those people having to find your social media accounts or your landing page through SEO or ads, email sends the content directly to them. In fact, email affiliate marketing isn’t a new phenomenon – it has been around since the 1990s and remains an effective way in which to reach out to people today.

Email isn’t just about spamming out your affiliate links – we will show you some tips to send effective affiliate emails below – but it also gives you the chance to build your brand and deliver quality content right to the inbox of your subscribers.

That being said, if you have no subscribers then you have nowhere to send your emails to, right? So, how do you build a database of targeted email users who want to receive your updates?

How do you create an email list?

The great thing about email marketing is that you aren’t just sending out emails to people who have no intention of reading them. An email list of 50 targeted individuals who are interested in your niche is better than an email list of 5000 individuals who don’t care about your affiliate products.

There are a number of ways in which you can grow your email list.

From having a subscribe button on your affiliate website to engaging with people on social media, you can do a lot of things to convince users to sign up for your emails. What you want is a targeted list. The days of simply buying an email list of thousands of email addresses and sending out your emails in the hope a small percentage go on to purchase your affiliate product are long gone – GDPR has put an end to that in the EU.

There are some things you can do which will make your affiliate emails more effective.

Affiliate email marketing tips

Many new affiliate marketers who are trying out email marketing make the mistake of constantly sending out emails with affiliate links. A 80/20 ratio is recommended – 80% of your emails should be valuable content that people want to read and the other 20 percent should contain your affiliate links.

Also, make sure your emails look good. With some HTML email tips, you can create stunning emails that catch the readers’ attention. By using some of the programs that we are going to show you in the next section of this guide, your emails will stand out from the crowd.

There are other methods you can use which will enhance your email affiliate marketing and if you are wondering how to send affiliate emails then these programs will help you.

Programs that can help to make money

If you want to be effective at email marketing then you need to use programs that will help to make money. Seriously, you aren’t going to sit and send out marketing emails to you 1000 subscriber list one by one, are you?

By using the right programs you can make life a whole lot easier. Programs such as GetResponse, AWeber and MailChimp are all well-known email marketing tools which can help you to send great content out to a big (or small) list of subscribers. You can also find a ton of affiliate marketing email examples online that you can use to great effect too.

Whatever programs you choose to use make sure that they integrate seamlessly with your website. For example, if you use WordPress then ensure that it works with that CMS or if you use
Drupal then ensure that it integrates with that to capture all your sign ups and also send out your affiliate emails too.

Email affiliate marketing and generating income

Email has been around for well before the internet became a mainstream and as a way of pushing affiliate links while providing great content for subscribers it is still one of the best systems out there.

You can use CPA for email marketing or you can utilise it as a method of earning affiliate sales. More people tend to respond positively to affiliate links through email. We all know the spammy emails that clog up our inbox or your junk folder however the real emails that we receive are there because we want to receive them. This is why a lot of people buy products through email links because it is delivered directly to their inbox and they are interested in the item or service that you are promoting.

Email marketing can be hard to get started with mainly because you need to have a targeted list. This can be grown through various methods on your website or your social media channels and if you offer something for free – an eBook for instance – then you will find that your subscriber list will grow.

Many people focus solely on email marketing and make a killing from it too. It is a good idea to practices affiliate marketing through email alongside your other affiliate marketing methods. If used correctly then email marketing can be a big income generated and you will not only build loyal subscribers in the short term but over a long period of time too.

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