What is Pre-Roll Advertising?


There is a ton of different advertising formats out there.

You don’t see the old banner ads as often these days (although they are still about) while more interactive forms of advertising are taking over.

In this update, we’re going to look at something called pre-roll advertising. This makes up part of in-stream ads. There are two other formats:

• Mid-roll ads which are put in the middle of video content so they interrupt your viewing
• Post-roll ads which are shown at the end of video content and are viewed the least but are the less intrusive

Given that video advertising is huge and 85% of internet users in the USA have watched video content at least once a month, the potential of using this type of content is endless.

what is pre roll advertising, its advantages

What is pre-roll advertising?

Pre-roll video advertising comes before mid-roll and post-roll.

Have you ever clicked on a YouTube video and had to sit through an ad before your content plays? You can usually skip this after 5 seconds but some you need to sit through.

This is pre-roll advertising.

They are often considered the most intrusive part of video ads because they play before the viewer has watched any of the content that they have selected. This is why they need to be short and straight to the point with the average video being around 15 to 30 seconds. They are usually sold on a CPM basis and these days they are generally bought and sold programmatically.

Advantages of pre-roll advertising

This type of advertising is definitely becoming more popular and there are several advantages to using it.

#1 You’ll get guaranteed views

Unlike mid-roll or post-roll advertising, pre-roll is shown at the start of the content so the vast majority of people will sit through the ad so that they can see what they have chosen.

As an advertiser, if you play a short and straight to the point pre-roll ad then the chances of someone sitting through it is very high. This means it is one of the most effective methods of getting views and potentially clicks on your video content.

#2 They’ll be targeted to specific audiences

Every social platform hold valuable data on their users. Video platforms such as YouTube are no different and with pre-roll ads you can narrow down your audience.

This means that your ads will only be shown to the people that you want it to be shown to. This can be targeted to people through geography, the language they speak, what their interests are and their demographics amongst others.

While they can be seen as intrusive, by showing them to the right people pre-roll ads can be highly effective.

#3 These ads generate immediate results

Pre-roll video is a form of direct response marketing in that you can see how well your campaign is doing in real-time.

You won’t have to wait days, weeks or a month to see and impact because you’ll be able to monitor clicks, interaction and ultimately conversions right away.

Direct response advertising is a really effective way of reaching out to targeted audiences and ensuring that they see your ads and pre-roll video marketing is just one way to do this.

Disadvantages of pre-roll ads

Not everything with pre-roll ads is wonderful and if you don’t use them correctly then it can actually have the opposite impact of putting people off your offers.

They are seen as pretty intrusive although somewhat less so than mid-roll ads that interrupt content halfway through. Not having them set as skippable ads can put people off however they are very good for brand awareness and even if most people skip the ad after 5 seconds it will have likely stayed in their mind.

There are ways in which you can make sure that your pre-roll ads are as effective as possible without having a negative impact on your marketing.

Should you use a pre-roll advertisement?

If it will benefit your marketing campaign and get people to click on your offers then yes, of course, you should use pre-roll ads!

The thing with this type of advertising is that you need to approach it in the right way.
It is still in its relative infancy as not that many businesses are using this form of advertising so there is certainly a gap for you to get into the market. If you implement the campaign properly and be mindful of the intrusive nature of these ads and create short and straight to the point videos then they can be highly effective for your business.

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