What is Propeller Ads? Read This Review to Find Out


There are many different ways in which you can get people to your website.

Whether it is a blog or an affiliate marketing site reviewing products, online advertising is a great way in which you can generate traffic. This is just one method and there are many more out available however ads can help generate targeted traffic which is exactly what you need to get conversions.

We’re going to review one such advertising network today – Propeller Ads. We’ll show you what it is, how you can use it to your advantage and finally if there are downsides to this network.

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What is Propeller Ads?

This is a UK based advertising network that has been around for a while.

This is a pop traffic network and we will have a look at different types of pop ads you can run below. They have been operating for 7 years and have a database of 150k publishers. In terms of reach, they can bring in traffic from around the world and also claim that their ads bypass any ad blocking software while remaining unobtrusive. In fact, ad blocking software can decrease your revenue by 20%.

Before we go into the advantages and disadvantages of using these guys, we are first going to look at what type of ads you can use.

What type of ads can you get?

Propeller Ads have an edge over some other ad networks because they offer several types of ads that you can choose to fit your website or blog as well as your audience. Some sites are better suited to certain types of ads than others.

With Propeller Ads you can use:

• PopUnder
• Native Direct Ads
• Interstitial mobile ads
• Dialogue ads/Push up ads for mobile
• Banner advertising for all standard size
• Push notification ads

PopUnder ads are the opposite of pop up ads in that they load ‘underneath’ or behind the main browsing window. They also work on mobile devices and they have been proven to work well on entertainment sites such as games, music or photo-based websites.
Native Direct Ads have several formats but are very effective in seamlessly implementing with your website. Interstitial mobile ads cover the full screen of a mobile device and they are best used when there is a natural break or transition between content. For example, with games or activities that can be broken into sections.

Push up ads are becoming more popular due to their effectiveness whiles this company also offers standard banner ads and also push notifications which can be highly effective.

Advantages of Propeller Ads

That is the basics of how Propeller Ads work and you can targeted traffic with these pop ads based on several factors such as keywords or geo-location.

User Interface

It is really easy to use Propeller Ads. To sign up, start a campaign and also use the reporting tools is very simple even if you are new to online advertising.

Something that some online advertising networks fail to do is to make their platform user-friendly however these guys offer a welcoming user experience.


You get a personal account manager with Propeller Ads which is a big bonus if you need help and they have a fairly quick response time.

You can search through their knowledge base which covers nearly everything to do with the system however if you do run into trouble you can submit a support ticket.

Adult Traffic

They allow for adult traffic which can be a big advantage depending on what market you are targeting.

Many ad networks don’t allow adult traffic which can prevent many websites and blogs from using their services. This can cross over as a drawback for some people but overall it allows many different advertisers to use their platform.

Other benefits

Some other advantages include the fact that your account is approved instantly so you can get registered and start a campaign right away. They have great report tools as well so you can monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns while seeing what works and also what doesn’t work.

Disadvantages of Propeller Ads

Not everything is rosy however with these guys and as part of this Propeller Ads review we need to show you some drawbacks to using their service.

They have relatively high minimum deposit levels of $100 for credit cards and $1000 for wire transfers. This can be a high amount if you are just starting.

Propeller Ads also sometimes suffer from a lack of consistency in their campaign approval process. It isn’t a massive deal because it doesn’t happen all the time but it is something to be wary of as it can be very annoying.

Our verdict

Overall, Propeller Ads are one of the best networks out there at the minute.

They offer a simple experience which means you can get set up and started in no time. They allow for several different types of ads to suit your audience and they have a good support system too.

The minimum deposits may put people off however the pros definitely outweigh the cons with these guys.

If you are looking for an ad network to use this year then you can do a lot worse than starting a campaign with Propeller Ads.

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