What is Scandinavian Graphic Design?


The evolution of graphic design has directly had a massive influence on how websites and other online platforms look.

In fact, the history of web design is incredibly interesting and shows just how far things have evolved over the past 30 years.

Have you heard of Scandinavian designs before? What about Swedish graphic design or Nordic graphic design?

If you haven’t then don’t worry because we are going to show you what this is and how it contributes to minimalism.

nordict minimalism graphic design characteristics

Scandinavian design characteristics

There are some things that make a distinctly Scandinavian style.

#1 High contrast colours

You will notice that in many Nordic countries the colours in graphic design tend to have high contrast with vibrant colours.

Many people put this down to the greyish nature of this part of the world with long, dark winters. Graphic designers had to experiment with bright colours to add more creativity and light to their designs and this is why you see many vibrant colours – think IKEA.

So, if designing graphics or even a website in a Scandinavian style then high contrast colours and bright features are a must.

#2 Use of white space

One of the elements of minimalist graphic design is using plenty of white space.

All too often graphic design can be inundated with too many elements which creates a messy and convoluted style. Scandinavian graphic design is a lot more simple and straightforward. It makes great use of white space so that your attention is focused on the important parts of the design.

Shapes and different aspects are left to sit by themselves which creates a clean look.

#3 Modernity

The great thing about Scandinavian graphic design is that it has a distinctly modern edge to it while still incorporating some traditional elements.

This is a cornerstone of a Nordic style and it also brings in many aspects of nature too but with a modern aesthetic.

Modernity and nature are two vital parts of Scandinavian design characteristics.

#4 Scandinavian fonts

Now you know the basic elements of a Scandinavian style but the fonts that are used play a major role too.

Sweden Sans and Helvetica, for example, are two distinctly Scandinavian fonts and they are widely used as a result of their simplicity and their modern design. When it comes to Nordic graphic design the typography used is just as important as everything else.

Using minimalism in graphic design

Scandinavian graphic design is very interesting and some of the most beautiful creations come from the Nordic countries.

There are many different aspects that combine together to make Scandinavian graphic design.

By bringing together these elements such as a white space to instill a minimalist look, using high contrast and vibrant colours while also offering features of nature and distinct typography, a Scandinavian style is almost recognisable right away.

Many graphic designers and website designers are now incorporating Scandinavian design elements into their creations due to their popularity and how simple they make a logo, website or image look.

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