What is Share a Sale?


Affiliates who are just starting out or who are looking for a new challenge can find that there are so many affiliate programs available online that it is hard to pick one.

There are a number of questions you need to ask yourself. These include:

• Is it a reputable program?
• What are the commission terms?
• What support will I receive?
• Can I track my progress easily?

This is just the tip of the iceberg. In this blog post, we are going to look at something called Share a Sale.

How much does ShareASale cost?

What is Share a Sale?

Share A Sale has been around for nearly 2 decades.

In fact, it was one of the very first affiliate networks to start and it has over 4500 partners. Aside from the numbers, what makes this affiliate network so popular? There are a lot of affiliate networks and a simple Google search will bring up countless results. We are going to look at why people have been choosing Share A Sale as their affiliate network for so long.

How much does ShareASale Cost?

Before we get into the benefits of using Share a Sale, we should tell you how much it actually costs.

As a merchant, there is a $550 one-time network access fee and a $100 minimum deposit is required as well. On top of this there is a 20% additional network fee. So for each $10 that ends up being paid to your affiliates, $2 of this goes to Share a Sale.

All in, Share a Sale costs $650 to get started if you are a merchant.

Benefits of using Share a sale

Why should you use share a sale and what are the advantages of doing so?

It is easy to use

Some affiliate networks can be difficult to navigate however share a sale is one of the easier ones on the market to use properly.

From a merchant point of view it is straightforward to see how their products are being promoted across various channels such as social media, PPC and even email. Publishers also get to choose from a huge database of products and there are over 1000 partners which are exclusive to the network.

Signing up is simple

The signing up process is very easy with Share a Sale. One downside from a merchant perspective is the price tag (a minimum of $650 at the start) and it can be a drawback for many who don’t have the initial funds. Publishers also have fee’s – a $5 for a background check although this is refunded and a $25 monthly fee for any accounts with balances below $50.

Another thing that people see as a downside is that accounts with balances below $25 are deleted after a period of time so really it is for serious publishers and merchants rather than people who are only affiliates now and again.

Vast array of ad types

You will find a large number of ad types on the Share a Sale network which includes widgets, banners, pop ups and text. This is one of the best ad networks for ads and creatives.

One thing people do say about Share a Sale is that there isn’t a whole lot of help from the network in creating ads. You get all the tools you need but then it is really up to you to create a build the ads that you need.

Convenient payment

Merchants benefit from hassle-free payments and publishers are paid on the 20th of every month. Although as a publisher you need to have made sales which amount to $50 or more to get paid.

There are also various options for payment including direct deposit right into your bank account or by check.

Tracking tools

Finally, Share a Sale offers many reporting and tracking tools which means you can monitor your progress over time. This is an area that they have improved recently and previously the tracking tools were hard to navigate.

It still isn’t the most user-friendly part of the network and there are networks out there that do this better however they offer real-time reporting which is very useful to looking at and predicting trends to better optimise your affiliate efforts. You can also only use cost-per-sale as a tracking method.

The Shareasale affiliate program

Many publishers and affiliates are using Share a Sale to great effect.

Deciding on the right affiliate network depends on a number of factors such as your location, the brands you want to work with, what they offer in terms of ads and support as well as how much it can cost to get set up if you are a merchant.

That being said, Share a Sale has been around for a long time and they are one of the most trusted networks out there so you can certainly do a lot worse than use this network for your affiliate marketing efforts.

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