Why is Cloud Storage Essential for Affiliates?


Being an affiliate means that you need to focus on many different things at one time.

Between creating content for your affiliate business, keeping track of your progress and looking for new avenues to monetize, you need somewhere to store all your stuff.

Sure, you can save it on your laptop or desktop but what happens if something goes wrong with your hard drive? All that work and all that data you have might be lost. Forever.

This is one of the reasons why cloud storage has emerged into a nearly $100 billion industry.

We’re going to have a look at why you should be using cloud storage if you aren’t already.

cloud storage solutions for marketers

6 Reasons to adopt cloud storage

For affiliates, cloud storage is important for a whole host of reasons.

We have listed the top 6.

#1 It is actually very inexpensive

Many people think using cloud storage is going to add a significant amount to their outgoings.

Affiliates, especially if they are just starting their business, really need to keep on top of their overheads and ensure that they aren’t spending money on frivolous things that aren’t essential.

You can easily compare cloud storage services online and in some cases you can even get lifetime cloud storage for as little as $0.05 per GB. Many people think cloud storage is pricey however there are even free options out there as well.

#2 You can organise your data

Another big advantage of using cloud storage for your affiliate efforts is that it offers a great way in which you can organise all your data.

Affiliates need to keep track of a lot of stuff from Word docs to spreadsheets and much more. Cloud storage benefits from using a consistent file structure that is the same regardless of what device you use. It means you can search easier, locate the file you want and cut down on time spent searching through endless folders and then finding the document saved to your desktop.

#3 You don’t need to worry about backups

One of the top things about cloud storage is that your stuff is backed up.

Instead of having to save a copy somewhere else on your computer which will not only take up more space but will also possibly be irretrievable if something happened to your hard drive, your cloud files are backed up by the server. With cloud storage your data backups are automated. So you don’t need to worry about doing this yourself.

#4 Ability to work remotely

Perhaps the biggest reason why cloud storage has really taken off is that it gives you the ability to access your files regardless of your location. As long as you have an internet connection you can access your documents. This is really a game-changer for affiliates because you can effectively work anywhere in the world.

It also means that you can share documents easier with others which we will look at in our sixth reason as to why cloud storage is vital for affiliates.

#5 Cloud storage is very secure

One thing that puts people off cloud storage is that they have a misconception that their files and their data aren’t very secure.

The fact is that cloud storage has a very high level of security. It utilizes a wide range of security measures to keep your data safe and this includes firewalls, intrusion detection, encryption and there is also a big emphasis places on physical security with their data centres as well.

#6 It’ll make it easier to work with others

Collaborative work is essential to many affiliate businesses. In fact, given the fact that communication is much easier across now across the world, many affiliates are now working together even if they live in different parts of the globe.

With cloud storage you can share files easier with your partners, check different file versions and also everyone can access files right away and don’t need to wait for them to be emailed.

Getting cloud storage as an affiliate

Cloud storage has become such an integral part of our lives.

Almost everyone uses cloud storage to some extent and many of us don’t even realise it. Even if you have an iPhone your files will be backed up on your iCloud account.

For affiliates, cloud storage solutions present a fantastic way to work easier and smarter. The great thing about cloud storage is that it is so easy to set up and it doesn’t cost much either. In fact, you can even get some free cloud storage options however if you need a lot of space or want to save big files then the paid options are better.

Affiliates require easier ways to work and more effective ways of working together with each other and cloud storage solutions provide this.

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