Why is Online Reputation Management Important?


The way that we look at companies has changed massively with the advent of the internet.

Before when you had mainly bricks and mortar stores much of the reputation of the business relied on word of mouth. In fact, this type of advertising and reputation is still vitally important however what about your online reputation?

digital reputation management

What other people talk about online is largely out of our control however you can implement some practices that help. We’re going to show you:

• What online reputation management is
• Why it is so important to keep on top of
• Tools that will help you

Let’s learn about managing your online reputation.

What is online reputation management?

User content is very important for the growth of your online business.

In the past websites were kind of like a brochure. You went onto it and found whatever product and service you were after. You didn’t necessarily look for reviews online and social media wasn’t a big thing. Apart from some forums it was hard to gauge how good an online business was.

This has all changed.

Online reputation management is monitoring the reputation of a brand online and addressing any content that is damaging to it. This can include things like customer feedback, social media posts or Google Reviews for example.

Reasons why it is important


#1 Consumers do online research

Most consumers will now go online to do their research before they make a purchase.

This isn’t just limited to online businesses and nearly all companies have some form of online presence these days. If someone Google’s your business name or puts it onto a social network like Facebook and Twitter and finds a load of bad reviews, will they make a purchase from you?

Probably not.

#2 It can impact on your SEO

Your search engine rankings can be impacted by bad reviews too.

Google’s algorithms pick up on bad reviews and websites that don’t have a good customer experience. This has a direct effect on the rankings of your website and your competitors will likely rank above you as a result.

As the goal of SEO is to get as far up the SERPS as you can, it directly goes against what you want to achieve. It will also have a detrimental impact on local SEO as well particularly with your Google My Business listing.

#3 It can help avoid a crisis

By managing your online reputation – whether it be on social media or review sites – you can prevent a full-scale crisis from developing.

The internet makes things go viral very quickly and a negative review about your business and website can be picked up and spread in minutes. By monitoring your online reputation and taking steps to address any bad publicity can avoid even more damage to your reputation online.

Digital tools to help reputation management

Now that you know how important it is to keep on top of your digital presence and what people are saying about you, we have listed some tools that can help.

#1 Awario

This is a social listening tool which means it takes the effort out of monitoring what people are saying about you manually.

It tracks social media to see if your brand or website are mentioned and you can even respond to people directly from the tool. You’ll find handy graphs to show positive and negative mentions, find copyright infringements and you can also monitor your competitors with this tool as well.

Awario can also help you to compare your online reputation to your competitors to see where you need to improve on and where you are leading the way.

#2 Reputology

This is another tool that will help you manage your reputation.

Reputology specifically helps you to track reviews from content platforms like Facebook, Google Reviews and other places and you can respond to reviews directly from the app as well.

If you have businesses located in different areas then this can be a really effective tool to use as it’ll help you to identify which locations are not performing as well as others. You can integrate this with Hootsuite if you use that for social media and it means everything is integrated on the one dashboard.

#3 Brandwatch

The last tool on our list is Brandwatch.

This social listening tool will help you to monitor what is being said about your brand online over many social media websites while also allowing you to integrate it with other tools such as Google Analytics, Hootsuite and Buzzsumo.

This is an enterprise tool so it does come with a hefty price tag every month but if you have an already established business then it can be worth the money.

Monitoring your online reputation

Having a good online reputation is vital in today’s world.

While it isn’t likely that every single review you get 100% positive, by monitoring your brand online you can respond to bad reviews and stop this feedback from spreading.

Keeping a reputable image online can be the difference between success and failure so ensure that you monitor it and use the right tools to track your digital profiles.

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