Why You Have to Do SERP Analysis for Your Website


Ranking on Google is a terrifying issue for every medium or small business, and sometimes even for a large enterprise. While your thoughts go right to SEO, you might forget about the keyword analysis based on SERP. This approach is not niche-specific. In fact, it is an undividable part of search analysis.

what is serp in seo

If your company is in the affiliate marketing industry, SERP should be as relevant to your business as it is to any retail company, for example. Digital era brings us all together in one space, and the goal is constant for any of the companies not listed on the first page of Google results. In order to get there, think about the following SERP analysis aspects:

• Search for the best target keywords
• Conduct search analysis of your competition
• Create SERP competitors ranking
• Consider using SERP keyword tools

What Is SERP in SEO?

It is time to shed some light on the subject. SERP means Search Engine Results Page and can be defined as a webpage which is generated by any search engine in response to a user search query. Why is it important for SEO? Basically, SERP is the only way to search for the best industry-specific target keywords and find out about the ways to drive out competition in your search engine “fight”. It is important to keep in mind that your website’s performance differs depending on the device. While going through the top ranking search results, you will realize which keywords you should rank for.

In case your goal is to rank number 1 on Google search results, you might want to reconsider. By all means, there is nothing wrong about the intention. However, several studies managed to prove that being number 1 on Google is absolutely overrated. According to the study conducted by Ahrefs company, the main factor is traffic and its distribution. They based the study on around 100K non-branded search requests. As a result, their study showed that the first results page gets the most of the total search traffic 49% of the time. Therefore, getting to the first page and focusing on search traffic should be the real goal.

Besides that, Google ranking factors are constantly changing and if you want to be on top of things, you should also pay attention to such tendency as voice-activated search, for example. According to Google, around 72% of people use voice-activated speakers as a part of their daily routine. The main conclusion here is that the rules of the game are constantly changing and you have to roll with them.

The Right Keyword Is Just Around the Corner

Always consider the intention behind the user search request. Unfortunately, not taking SERP analysis into consideration or underestimating its importance is a pretty frequent mistake.

Essentially, the SERP analysis shows the meaning behind the query. In a nutshell, if you do not want your affiliate network, for example, be in the SERPs rank with trackers or super affiliate blogs, you should treat SERP analysis seriously, be really picky and demanding while choosing the right keywords.

Of course, you should not forget that Google made sure that search results will always be individual. They might be alike but never the same.

Time to Check Your SERP Competition

Without a doubt, your top priority is to beat your competition and engage as many organic users as possible. However, keyword SERP research might take some time and it is obvious that we always want things done fast. In this case, there is an option you might consider – keyword research tools.

Accurate analysis means more than just search results research. One of the trustworthy options is SERPChecker which can be used for competitor analysis, local SERP analysis, and further results estimation. The amount of metrics it provides is pretty immense, which would definitely help you conduct a deep analysis and get more valuable insights into the industry situation.

In case you would like to have a look at the process, there are many videos which provide additional information on the tool itself. Of course, there is still an option to do all of this manually without any tools, but why bother if there are so many options available?

Another option is MozBar extension for the Chrome browser. It couldn’t get easier, right? This is the most comfortable on-the-go option for your SEO needs. Of course, there is a premium option but there is no need to use it or pay for it if you are just starting with your SERP analysis.

To wrap it up, the keyword research does not have to be old-school anymore. With all the information at your fingertips and all the tools available, you should still remember that SERP is never only about competition. First and foremost, it is about improving and taking what is yours, — and that is the first search results page and relevant search traffic. May the SERP be with you!

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