Your Guide to MAC Affiliate Conference in Kyiv, 2019


MAC conferences built its reputation and set a standard over the years of successfully held affiliate-oriented events. Therefore, the MAC brand is expanding its coverage on a regular basis.

MAC Kyiv, for instance, is now a traditional annual event. Though the attendees might face visa issues when traveling to Ukraine, MAC is always there to help and support their guests.

This guide is created for MAC first-timers and regulars to ensure your safe and efficient visit to the conference.

guide to MAC Kyiv affiliate conference

About MAC Conference

Kyiv affiliate conference 2019 is a great opportunity to dive into the magnificent world of affiliate marketing. This year, MAC Kyiv will bring together up to 2000 attendees, 250 companies, and around 20 speakers. Kyiv is known throughout the international digital marketing community for the tremendous number of affiliate networks, traffic sources, media buyers, and affiliates.

Therefore, visiting MAC Kyiv Affiliate Conference is a right call if your goal is to liaise with existing partners and meet potential business associates.

Here is the main information about the conference:

Name: MAC’19 Kyiv Affiliate Conference

Date: 8 October 2019

Location: Stereo Plaza (Lobanovskyi Ave, 119, Kyiv, Ukraine)

Official Website:

To buy a ticket to MAC’19, you need to set up a personal account or log in if you are an existing user.

Traveling to the Conference Venue

Once you have arrived at Boryspil International Airport or Kyiv International Airport Zhuliany, you will have several transfer options to choose from.

The most convenient choice is getting a taxi in an old-school way or getting a fast ride with Uber. However, we do not recommend hiring a random taxi off the street. It might result in extra spending as these cabs usually triple the price. To clarify, the cabs that are parked near the hotels, airports or next to the famous tourist attractions will definitely cost twice as much if not more.

As an alternative to Uber, you can order a cab using these taxi service numbers:

Optima taxi: 579

Shark taxi: 3030

Lime taxi: +38 098 00 00 889

Boryspil International Airport also provides taxi transfers. These cabs can be found by the Terminal D. More information on this type of transfer is available online.

There is also a cheaper transfer option from Boryspil International Airport, which requires using a SkyBus. These transfer buses depart from Terminal D and B and run between Boryspil International Airport and Kyiv Central Railway Station. More information on SkyBus transfer can be found online.

If you choose the SkyBus transfer, then you will have to either call a taxi after arriving at a railway station or use the subway (Metro marked with the green letter M). The Kyiv Metro guide will help you navigate better if you decide to take the subway.


To check if you need a visa to travel to Ukraine, click on this link. Russian Federation citizens, for instance, are required to have an invitation to travel to Ukraine.

In case you need an invitation, feel free to contact the MAC team via email


There are two main accommodation options: Airbnb or apartments and hotels.

Depending on the budget, you can find various types of hostels, hotels or apartments to stay at. To simplify the process of looking for the hotel/hostel, you can find the best fitting option near the venue.

Discover Kyiv

Kyiv is the center of Ukrainian culture, packed with theaters, museums, religious sites, modern buildings, and ancient ruins. To love Kyiv, you need to only see it once and taste the local cuisine.


Kyiv-Caves Lavra, or the so-called caves monastery, is the most ancient monastery in Ukraine. It is also the most important and highly valued religious site.

The Motherland Monument is visually accessible from almost any part of the city. The statue is 62 meters high and is surrounded by the Museum of Great Patriotic War.

Mariinsky Palace is a magnificent masterpiece of Baroque architecture, located in the heart of Kyiv and surrounded by the picturesque Mariinsky Park. The palace is the ceremonial residence of the President of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Parliament.

Golden Gate of Kyiv is a medieval gate that served as the main entrance to the city back in 1037. It is a UNESCO Heritage site.

To see the main sites fast, you can take one of the multiple sightseeing tours. To find the best fitting one you can go through the lists of tours. In case you feel like staying in Kyiv for several days and seeing everything there is to see, you can also consider taking a tour around the Chernobyl zone. In case you want to explore the city yourself, you can simply take a walk and find all the sites located within walking distance. For everything else, there is a subway.

Restaurants and Bars

Kyiv will never cease to amaze you with the abundance and variety of fine restaurants and bars. The yet undiscovered world of restaurants, breweries, pastry shops, coffee shops, and street food awaits.

Tasting national cuisine is a must-do when visiting Kyiv. To get a vivid understanding and taste of Ukrainian national cuisine, visit Kanapa, Ostannya Barykada, Pervak or Barvy restaurants.

The variety of pubs and bars in Kyiv is astonishing. Therefore, the atmosphere of B-hush lounge bar, Porter Pub, Barrel Pub, Beer House, Pink Freud Kyiv, and N::B Cocktails Bar will definitely impress and have you gasping for air.

Meet the TopOffers Team at MAC’19

This guide was brought to you by the TopOffers team, hoping that you will get the most out of MAC Kyiv and take in as much culture and atmosphere of one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe as possible. Book a meeting with our team today and let’s meet at the MAC affiliate conference 2019 this October!

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