Your Short Guide to PPV Advertising


If you are new to advertising and using affiliate networks then you might not have heard of PPV advertising.

It is one of the more underused methods of getting clicks to a website and PPV affiliate networks aren’t as big or popular as, say, CPA for example. So, what are we going to show you in this short guide?

First of all we’ll tell you what PPV advertising actually is, how it differs from PPC or pay per click that you might have heard of and we’ll show you the best PPV networks to use as well as some tips for choosing a good offer.

Sound good? Right, let’s get started.

what is ppv cpv and how to make money with PPV traffic

What is PPV advertising?

PPV stands for pay per view. You know the way you have pay per view events that you need to pay for to, well, view them on TV or online? The concept of PPV traffic isn’t a million miles away from this as we are going to show you in this short guide.

When someone sees your offer you need to pay. So you are paying for someone just viewing your offer not when they click on it or when they perform a designated action. PPV can come in two forms – a domain redirect or a pop up/under.

A domain redirect is when someone types in the wrong domain in their search bar (for example, instead of looking for they type in by accident). We all know what pop ups are but pop unders are different. Rather than appearing over the content like a pop up, they open behind the content so the user probably won’t see it until they close their main browser window down.

How does it differ from PPC?

There are two main differences between PPV advertising and PPC.

The first is the way that you’re charged. As we mentioned above, with PPV the user only needs to see the content and you need to pay, they don’t have to do anything else such as click on a link, fill out a form or make a purchase. PPC or pay per click means that the person does have to click on the offer.

The other main difference is that PPC traffic is generally much cheaper but is also of lower quality. This makes sense when you think of it. PPV is interrupting the user either with a pop up/under or taking them to the wrong site because they misspelled the domain. The ROI and conversion rate might not be as good either however many people do get big returns if they promote CPA offers and some people find this is the best way to promote CPA offers too.

3 of the best PPV networks

#1 Propel Media

Propel Media is one of the most popular PPV or CPV (cost per view) networks out there. They have a huge range of features and ways in which to increase your ROI through PPV advertising methods.

One drawback is that you need a referral to sign up and get your application approved but once you are in it’s one of the best networks out there.

#2 Media Traffic

Second on our list is Media Traffic which is another well-known PPV affiliate network.

Like Propel Media you do need to go through an approval process and it can be more long winded however this is a big network to get involved in. They have a lot of different features which can help with your PPV efforts and they have an opt-in audience of around 15 million members.

#3 RTX Platform

RTX Platform is big for PPV/CPV and it is an effective way in which to drive traffic to your landing pages.

They offer low prices and in fact this can be as low as $0.002 per view and their dashboard is one of the easiest to use. The highly competitive keywords can be costs per view however if you target les competitive keywords and phrases then it will be hard to find a cheaper alternative out there.

2 things to consider with a PPV offer

There are a couple of things that you need to take into consideration when it comes to choosing a PPV offer and if you want to succeed with PPV advertising networks then these are important.

#1 Make sure the CPA allows PPV traffic

You might think that PPV is how to promote CPA offers but ensure that the offer allows you to use this type of traffic.

Some don’t allow PPC or CPV traffic to be used with their offer so you need to check this first as it can break the terms of your affiliate agreement.

#2 Allowed geolocations

Secondly ensure that the traffic you are using PPV to send to CPA offers is from an allowed geolocation.

You can find the list of restrictions on offers when you search for them via the PPV networks that we have mentioned above.

Make money from PPV traffic

So, now you know the basics of PPV advertising and hopefully we have shown you that you can use make money with PPV traffic.

It remains one of the most underused forms of getting traffic to a CPA offer. Even though the overall quality of the traffic can be quite low due to the methods used in promoting landing pages, websites and offers but the fact that it is generally very cheap means that the potential ROI can be quite high.

In fact, many people make a lot of money by using PPV alongside other affiliate marketing and advertising efforts. You can spend a while trying to find a CPA offer that is compatible with PPV traffic and the whole process can be one of trial and error as you test out different methods. That being said, if you use pay per view traffic in the right way then it can be highly effective to getting hits onto your landing pages and also the CPA offers that you are promoting.

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