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What do you know about YouTube? While the internet provides a great deal of information on the subject, marketers still struggle to leverage the potential of this platform. One thing is certain – it should be a crucial component of any marketing strategy.

Today, video content dominates the digital world. One might assume that YouTube was meant to succeed. However, we will never know. Since its launch back in 2005, the company attracted a lot of attention. Even though YouTube was initially used as a video platform by amateur video creators, the company got acquired by Google only a year after it took off. Since then, it managed to evolve into the largest video platform worldwide.

As of today, video is the most engaging and accessible tool. Since video ad campaigns have the highest ROI potential, most of the businesses integrate video marketing into their active marketing strategies.YouTube states that the platform accounts for 1 billion hours of video content watched daily by its users. Besides, with 1.68 billion users in 2019, the platform keeps growing and adapting to the current market situation. Since the launch, the hosted video content also kept changing accordingly and allowed YouTube to present various types of entertainment, music, education, products, blogs, and people to the world.

To leverage its potential and grasp the basics, it is crucial to understand how to use YouTube for marketing. While both user-generated and corporate video content can bring positive results, the main focus should be on the quality of the video, target audience, and traffic.

affiliate marketing on youtube

Marketing with YouTube

With numerous video categories available on the platform, there is no need to worry about the boundaries or limits. Besides, most of the video creators are open for communication and cooperation, making it more manageable to start your video marketing journey.

Naturally, the first step is doing the research. If you feel like starting with mentions and references, you need to find reliable and popular YouTube affiliates, like bloggers. However, you should be aware that YouTube influencer marketing is one of the most expensive advertising options compared to other similar platforms. Therefore, look for those who had already mentioned a niche, a brand, or a product you are focusing on. It can be done with the help of relevant keywords, hashtags, and narrowing your organic search.

The platform also provides a great deal of information regarding content strategy, audience development, monetization, and streaming. Moreover, it offers access to the directory listing most of the active channels and all the related information. In this case, another important factor is location. To be on the safe side, you need to consider the location of both your audience and potential partner. After you create a list of relevant and affordable bloggers, all you need to do is reach out.

If you feel like you have what it takes, you can become a blogger and promote any offer yourself. Naturally, it comes with multiple challenges. But first, you need to know about affiliate programs for YouTubers. While it is easy to surf the internet in search of the best affiliate programs for YouTube, we suggest focusing on the main one.

YouTube Affiliates Program

Apart from all the relevant offers provided by multiple affiliate programs, you should consider joining YPP, a.k.a. YouTube Partner Program. Like any other affiliate program, it has a list of eligibility requirements.

First, check if the program is available in your country. The list of approved areas is available here. Then you need to create a YouTube channel if you do not have one, pick the best-fitting niche, and decide what type of content you can share regularly. Bear in mind that you will have to spend some time on creating YouTube affiliate videos and figuring out the most efficient way to build your audience. While it might take some training and additional research, rest assured that all the future steps will be about controlling traffic and making money.

When you are ready, go through the application checklist the program provides and make sure your channel checks all the boxes. As an affiliate marketer, your main goal here is to drive traffic to your website or a promoted brand’s site. Therefore, you should be careful with redirecting users when dealing with YouTube. The platform is focused on its viewers as well as on the watch hours. Therefore, you have to find a perfect balance between the video length, audience engagement, and how you redirect your audience. In a nutshell, your go-to strategy is to follow all the guidelines and avoid deceptive practices. But when it comes to YouTube affiliate links, what is the best approach?

Affiliate Links on YouTube

There are several ways to direct traffic to your affiliate link. Many affiliate marketers combine Amazon Associates with their YouTube affiliate activities. In a nutshell, they post Amazon affiliate links on YouTube. The best way to do that is to post the unboxing review videos providing the links to the products Amazon offers. Besides, this way, you bring value to your content and traffic to the Amazon affiliate link.

This is a win-win approach since there is a 50% chance that the viewers will purchase something within 24 hours after clicking your YouTube video link. Moreover, you can list the equipment or recommend products in the description box. If you have concerns regarding your potential to become a public person with all the video content you need to create, shooting the unboxing videos illustrates how to make money on YouTube without showing your face.

If physical products are not your thing, you can try cloaking. This is another common method used by YouTubers. Since you can use a link to your associated website only in annotations, it can be used for redirecting users to your actual affiliate link. It might look a bit shady and misleading, but it definitely works.

As for the description box below the video, make sure to use tracking links or coupon codes in the first three lines. That way, you will increase the chance of viewers noticing them. Moreover, do not forget about using SEO keywords in the video descriptions for the sake of video rating and organic search results. Finally, be creative and mindful when working on thumbnails and video titles. At the end of the day, these are the most effective triggers turning viewers into customers.

Even though YouTube affiliate marketing might seem like a high maintenance activity, it is worth the effort. Creating appealing and natural video content is not an easy task, but the platform offers all the crucial resources for building and reaching your audience. Now that we have covered all the basics, it is time for you to start making money with YouTube.

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