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Moscow Affiliate Conference
9-10 APRIL, 2019 The Moscow Affiliate Conference 2019 will take place at ARENA BY SOHO a multimedia space perfectly suited to a large-scale event such as this. As usual, the conference will gather only the best affiliate specialists and top international affiliate networks from around the world. Entry is free for affiliates, who can enjoy multilingual broadcasts and interpretation services and a lounge area for speakers etc. TopOffers is taking part in this must-visit event in the world of digital marketing. We invite you to visit the Moscow Affiliate Conference 2019. Don’t forget to book a meeting with us using our booking form, or email:    

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Promote new verticals from TopOffers and get up to $5000 bonus today!
Hurry up to try out our most profitable verticals: games, sweepstakes, webcams, VAS and crypto offers.   The main reasons to choose TopOffers verticals: Get the highest payouts on the market Promote offers for chosen verticals easily Send quality traffic (approved by a manager) and enjoy bonuses Spend – Bonus $2-3k = $250 $3-5k = $400 $5-8k = $650 $8-12k = $1000 $12-17k = $1450 $17-25k = $2000 $25-35k = $2500 $35-50k = $3500 $50k = $5000 (+$1000 for each $10k) Check out the list of our offers: Adult Games [Web+Mob] Call of Booty /US/ES/FD/DE/SE PPS 60-70$ [Web+Mob] Pick a Girl /US/ES/FD/DE/SE PPS 60-70$ [Web+Mob] Grand Fuck Auto /US/ES/FD/DE/SE PPS 60-70$ [Web+Mob] Nutaku Games /International DOI up to $5 [Web] Cunt Wars /International DOI up to $17 [Web] HentaiHeroes AU/BE/CA/CH/DE//FR/UK/IT/US DOI $1,8 [Web] Flirt4free /AU/CA/NZ/UK/US  DOI $2 Cams [Web+Mob] Flirt4free /AU/CA/NZ/UK/US DOI up to $4 [Web+Mob] Royal Cams /International DOI up to $2 [Web+Mob] Bongacams /International SOI up to $3,15 [Web+Mob] JizzRoulette /International DOI up to $2 Mainstream games [Web] League of Legends 3 SOI $2,5 [Web] Vikings - War of Clans SOI $3,5 [Web] World of Tanks US/CA/UK/IE/DE/AT/CH/FR/BE/RU SOI up to $7,5 [Web] Crossout US/CA/UK/IE/AU/NZ CPP up to $5 VAS (1-2 click offers) [Mob] Antivirus 2019 /GR 1 click PPS $10 [Mob] Domicoins Win Card /IE 1 click PPS $12,45 [Mob] TtopGames /CH 1 click PPS $24,00 [Mob] RedDeadRedemtion /DE 2click PPS $17,00 [Mob] BrickGames /PT 1click PPS $5,00 Sweepstakes [Web+Mob] iPhone XS /DK SOI $4,1 [Web+Mob] iPhone XS Max /DE/AT/CH SOI $2,8 [Web+Mob] Samsung Galaxy S9 /DE/AT/CH SOI $2,8 [Web+Mob] iPhone XS /AU SOI $2,7 [Web+Mob] Samsung Galaxy S10 /US SOI $2,6 [Web+Mob] Rynair /SE SOI $3,3 [Web+Mob] Aldi /DE SOI $2,25 Crypto [WEB+WAP] Canabis Wealth - Multi GEO PPS up to $700 [WEB+WAP] Crypto Mix - Multi GEO PPS up to $700 [WEB+WAP] Bitcoin Evolution - Multi GEO PPS up to $600 [WEB+WAP] Bitcoin trader - Multi GEO PPS up to $700 [WEB+WAP] Bitcoin Future - Multi GEO PPS up to $600   Find your easy way to profit! Terms and conditions for this offer: Offer valid for approved into the TopOffers CPA Network Not redeemable as cash. Your account must remain in good standing in order to qualify for the promotional credit. Manager will contact you for specifying all details

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Zeropark Review: Should You Use It?
Getting traffic to your website, blog and offers isn’t always easy. Even if you do get some traffic coming in it needs to be targeted and related to what your digital space is actually about. Hence why advertising networks are so popular. This is why affiliate marketers and advertisers turn to services such as Zeropark and other traffic sources. We are going to go through what Zeropark is, how it works and what is good and bad with it. What is Zeropark? Zeropark was created in 2011 and has built up a great name for itself as a premium source of traffic. Many advertisers use Zeropark and have a lot of success with it. Zeropark works by allowing you to bid on traffic from domain redirects. So, when someone buys a domain that they plan to either advertise on or even sell further down the line, they ‘park’ this domain with Zeropark. The company will then sell the traffic from the parked domains to advertisers. In a way, it offer a unique selling point that many other advertising networks don’t. With Zeropark you have four different campaigns that you can run – RON, Keyword, Target or Multi-Geo. RON, or run on network, allows you to target one specific country with your campaign. Keyword is centred around certain keywords and phrases that are related to your niche while Target is when you have already identified the top performing targets from your other campaigns. Finally, you can target multiple geographical locations at once. It isn’t just domain redirects that Zeropark focus on although this is a staple part of their business model. You can also use push ads, premium PPV and In-App. Now you know what Zeropark is and how it works at a basic level, what is good about it? Benefits of using Zeropark There are many advantages to using Zeropark over other advertising networks. User Interface For people that are new to advertising networks it can sometimes feel massively overwhelming. The user interface and user experience of many networks isn’t great especially for newbies. Zeropark has a very user friendly design and it easy to use even for beginners. If you want an advertising network that is easy to use then you can’t really go wrong with these guys. Support The support system at Zeropark is another major bonus of using their services. You get a personal account manager who is on hand to help out with anything you need while their response speed is very quick as well. You won’t have to wait days to get a response. Also, you can contact them via email, Skype or their messenger system so you have several methods in which you can get help. Different Campaigns With Zeropark you have the four campaign types that we have already mentioned in this review - RON, Keyword, Target or Multi-Geo. This allows you to tailor your campaigns to what you need whether that is based on one geographical area, spread across several countries, related to certain keywords and key phrases or take the highest performing parts of each campaign and combine them into one. Zeropark gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of how you approach an advertising campaign. Does it have any drawbacks? Even though Zeropark is one of the highest rated advertising networks online at the minute, there are some things we should make you aware of before you decide if you want to use them or not. Their traffic quality has been described as average on many occasions. While it isn’t terrible by any means, it perhaps isn’t the best available. They also require a minimum deposit of $200. This isn’t a big amount of money in online advertising terms but it can be steep enough for someone that is just starting on their journey. That being said, they do allow PayPal and wire transfer payments to get your cash although it would be nice if that have other options as limited payment choices is something that many people don’t always thing about. Our verdict on Zeropark So, should you use Zeropark? Zeropark has many benefits. For newcomers to the online advertising world it is very easy to use and their website is user friendly. This is in contrast to many other networks which are often very confusing. These guys also allow four different campaign types which is a great way in which you can get targeted traffic to your offers, website or blog. With RON, keywords, multi-geo and target options you can make sure you only reach out to the people that are likely to click on the ads and convert. They have a great support system and you will not be waiting long in order to get a response. While Zeropark do have some drawbacks such as the quality of traffic and minimum deposit, overall, they are one of the best online advertising networks around today.

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Termini flessibili: settimanale / bisettimanale / mensile. Tutti i metodi di pagamento più diffusi: Bonifico, Paxum, ePayments, WebMoney. Offriamo a tutti i nostri inserzionisti e affiliati un approccio professionale e individuale, e garantiamo che la nostra partnership sarà a lungo termine, redditizia e vantaggiosa per tutti!
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Managing Director
Online Experten Eins GmbH
I very much appreciate the cooperation with TopOffers team. Super professional, friendly and reliable at the same time. New agreements are founded on mutual trust and can be made fast. This enables fast progress and makes testing out new things easy in order to grow the business together.
Guille Castañón
Perfomance Adversting Manager at Exoclick
TopOffers is a great network if you are looking for Dating offers! - We have been working together for around a year and their offers, tracking system, and especially communication with their affiliate managers is top-notch. They understand the needs of affiliates and always pay on time; I can definitely recommend TopOffers as a trusted partner.
OfferVault Team
It's Josh from I just wanted to say that TopOffers is one of the most trusted partners we have on our site. They always make their payments on time and are very easy to get in touch with. Whenever we need help with something related to their account on Offervault, they are always very quick to respond and are extremely helpful in terms of getting the issue taken care of. As one of our most trusted partners on, I would recommend TopOffers to anybody interested in working with a fantastic affiliate network. They have some of the highest converting offers on our site and are very popular with our Offervault users. You cannot go wrong working with TopOffers!
Bloggesideas Team
TopOffers is one of the amazing affiliate networks I have seen recently. I have been in touch with their people for a long time and their support team is top-notch. They are always happy to help me whenever I have confusion in choosing offers. Especially their affiliate managers are happy to go; they know how to deal with affiliate marketers queries.
Boris Vyle
ReflexCash CEO
For a long time, we have been working with one of the most popular affiliate networks - TopOffers. Our partnership is long-lived and a very productive one; it brought us substantial profits and we never had any issues with payments, we have to say that TopOffers has it all. After all, they have been around for many years and thus built a strong presence. The TopOffers team has always been top notch, very professional, helpful and ready to answer any questions we might have. Their dating offers are very professional and user-friendly which has been a crucial element of this long-term partnership. Thanks for the outstanding and professional management! You guys are undoubtedly one of the best partners we have!
AdsKeeper Team
TopOffers — King of CPA Networks! It's a pleasure to run business with TopOffers. They are exclusive representatives of the top dating websites and experienced professionals in the industry. This network is one of the best ways to monetize Native Traffic.
AdsKeeper refers to TopOffers as a premium CPA network with the best dating offers.
Mindgeek Team
Working with TopOffers over the years has been an absolute pleasure! Their offers constantly impress us while the team is insightful, experienced and always there to lend a hand. We look forward to our continued success together.
Euranka Team
We have been working with TopOffers for a long time now and it's a pleasure to work with an enthusiastic team, proactive and professional. The service, as well as the support, are what we expect from a top partnership. Our collaboration with Top Offers is based on a strong and long-term business relationship and we hope to make it grow even more for the next coming years.
Vitaliy Ivashchenko
Ad Ops Manager at MGID Inc.
If you’re looking for the Affiliate Network with really great dating offers - you are looking for TopOffers. This Network worths its name. Guys are exclusive reps of the famous dating offers all over the world. MGID is happy to work together and hopes to see something incredible from this handpicked team!
Jay Kopita
Owner YNOT Group, LLC
TopOffers sets the standard when it comes to companies that everyone should be doing business within this day and age. They continue to innovate, they are always presenting opportunities across the board in all kinds of markets, and they stay ahead of the game by keeping their presence and brand solid both online and in person.
CMO at AdPlexity
We’re proud to work with a company as reliable and professional as TopOffers. Having worked with them for some time, we’re confident in the ability of their team of experienced industry professionals to get the job done. That’s what makes them leaders of ‘Dating’ vertical. TopOffers have been continually refining their service, and ensuring that their clients have access to highest-converting offers only. As a result, we’ve been able to rely on them as an effective partner in the world of affiliate marketing.